The 10 most anticipated films of 2016

There are still a few months to next year, but we’re looking forward to seeing on the big screen the 10 most anticipated films of 2016. You too? We give an advance because next year will be full of novelties. You can Watch HD Movies. or you can also see the previous parts of the following movies at putlocker.

1. Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters 3We open this list of 10 most anticipated films of 2016 with a title for the more nostalgic: in July 2016 the third of Ghostbusters arrives. The film, with a majority of female characters begins telling the story of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy when they decide to write a book to prove the existence of paranormal presences. Later, these two friends form the Ghostbusters, along with Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Comedy, darkness and terror are insured.

2. The fifth wave

Based on the novels by Rick Yancey, this film promises a combination of fantasy and action. We’ll see how the protagonist Cassie, about things that have little to do with humans, in order to find his brother and save the last vestiges of humanity faces. Enjoy with some complex characters who are involved in situations really exciting. It will hit screens on 29 January.

3. Zoolander 2

In February 2016 we will laugh out loud at Zoolander 2. Although the first part failed to raise much money, yes it was a great success in the domestic market. The new release will take us ten years after the original, when Derek and Hansel and have been completely forgotten by the public. Do not miss this story that also appear Penelope Cruz.

4. Batman and Superman: the dawn of justice

Superhero movies are always a success and it also achieved this. In March next we see Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons in fatigues year. As supondrás, the story revolves around a territorial fight between Batman and Superman hero to discuss what is really needed by society.

5. Gods of Egypt

An unparalleled adventure starring Gerard Butler acclaimed that this time will play Seth, a god of ancient Egyptian religion. The film opens in the United States in April and see how she’s nephew Set, Horus, is come to him through the death of his father. Excitement and epic directed by Alex Proyas is what awaits us with Gods of Egypt.

6. The Jungle Book

We all know the story of Mowgli popular after the death of his parents when he is abandoned in the jungle and picked up by a pack of wolves. The story of the child – wolf come to the big screen in April 2016. With this title, Disney returns to the fray with another adaptation in real image of one of the classics.

7. X-Men: Apocalypse

When the X-Men saga began was received by the public with enthusiasm. Next year we will enjoy Revelation that goes back to 1983 when the alteration of time creates a powerful new enemy. Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey, along with Charles Xavier and Hank will fight against the enemy. It may not be until 2016 when we can enjoy a show and a much greater development of the characters.

8. Anthology Star Wars: Rogue one

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated movies come in December next year. Set in episodes III and IV of Star Wars tells stealing the plans for the Death Star, in a world without Jedi. Star Wars fans will see this release as a historic event.

9. 5 Ice Age (Ice Age 5)

Funny ice age is now in its fifth film. As in the past, the story follows the adventures of prehistoric animals trying to survive the Ice Age. In August 2016 will reach this fifth installment, full of animation, fun, humor and freshness.

10. King Arthur

In July 2016, we rememoraremos the life of a young street Arthur leads his friends through the alleys of Londinium. In this film King Arthur will have to learn to fight, to overcome their fears and defeat the tyrant Vortigern, who snatched the crown and killed his parents. It is rumored to be one of the best film adaptations of King Arthur’s life to date.

With this list of the 10 most anticipated films of 2016; for which you opted as a favorite? Would you add any more? If you do not think you can not stand up to its premiere in our country and have the opportunity, you can also enjoy these films in the country. Do not hesitate, do so accompanied by your Travel Insurance MAPFRE behind you to many unforeseen events that may occur during the experience.

The 10 best movies with political themes

The policy is a resource of the most helpful for the big screen. A genre as any other with a special feature: the protagonists are usually more expensive than a icosahedron. It is usually quality cinema, usually based on real events and almost always with an elaborate plot that power rarely goes well. If there is a universal theme that does not know neither borders nor of languages, it is this. We all suffer, but not in silence, this caste that surely it will survive, along with the cockroaches, a nuclear war. As said Jardiel Poncela (1901-1952): “which do not dare to be intelligent, is political”. All of the movies below are available to watch online at movie2k

1. All the King completo Men (the politician, 1949): Robert Rossen is based on the novel by Robert Pen Warren to tell magistrlamente the rise and fall of a man without scruples whose speaking ability is his best trait.

2. Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (red phone flew to Moscow, 1964): the tandem Kubrick-Seller boasts of his enormous talent in this parody in which a general order, in access of madness, a nuclear air strike by surprise against the Soviet Union.

3. All the President completo Men (all the men of the President, 1976): two young journalists from the Washington Post, Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), begin to investigate the RAID on the headquarters general of the Democratic Party in Washington. Its discovery triggered the so-called ‘Watergate’.

4. The Candidate (candidate, 1972): a young and idealistic lawyer (Robert Redford) begins his career toward presidential elections saying what you think, since you know positively that he has no chance chosen deser. No matter: only the power is what counts.

5. Bob Roberts (citizen Bob Roberts, 1992): the folk singer Bob Roberts (Tim Robbins) announces his candidacy to the United States Senate for the State of Pennsylvania. The election campaign turns out to be a plot economic, racist and military purposes.

6. Frost/Nixon (the challenge: Frost against Nixon, 2008): adaptation of the play by Peter Morgan about the series of interviews by journalist David Frost to President Nixon. During the three years that followed his departure from the White House, Nixon remained silent. However, in 1977, it accepted to grant a single interview that portrayed him for history.

7. The Front (the lid, 1976): bitter and ironic evocation of the famous ‘ witch-hunt ‘ ‘ Hollywood.The film was made by professionals who had been blacklisted: the director Martin Ritt, the screenwriter Walter Bernstein and some actors as Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi, Lloyd Gough, etc. It is perhaps the first film of one of the large producers, the Columbia Pictures, who reported this issue.

8. Hidden (hidden Agenda, 1990): the director Ken Loach made one of his best works in this story set in Belfast and leaving shows the position of human rights when a Government starts its machinery.

9. The Contender (2000): a Masterful Joan Allen plays a Senator of unstoppable political career whose life falls apart to come to light their secrets of youth when their name is chosen to be the Vice President of the United States. His career collapses when one discovers that you participated ‘sex party’ in his younger years.

10. West of the White House (1999-2006) Wing: the large number of recent times. After seven seasons, four years in a row winning the Emmy Award for best dramatic series, it tells every day from the President of the United States, Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his team of contributors to the White House. Created and written by the renowned screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.


Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in the World


Infographics corresponds to a study conducted in 2010. As Internet things change in the twinkling of an eye, I updated the Hosting 2013, that they will see the end of the article.

Domination Web Hosting

The top hosting provider is , with a market share of 35.8187 percent.Wild West Domains is part of the Go Daddy Group, which provides an easy platform for domain registrars turnkey to become operation and use the system of Go Daddy for the registration and support. welcomes 25,373,796 domains.

Number two web hosting is , with a market share of 4.8069 percent. 3405217 houses domains. The number three is which has a market share of 4.0572 percent. 2,874,123 houses. The number four is , with a market share of 3.6870 percent. The hosting company is number five , with a market share of 2.9401 percent. Yahoo holds 2,082,750 domains.

The hosting company the sixth-largest in the world is . It has a market share of 2.4442 percent. 1731437 houses domains. The web hosting company is number . 1,483,786 domains houses and has a market share of 2.0946 percent. The hosting company’s eighth largest . 1,102,886 domains houses and has a market share of 1.5569 percent. The number nine is . 1,055,463 domains houses and has a market share of 1.4899 percent. is the tenth largest hosting company. It has a market share of 1.4454 percent and hosts 1,023,882 domains.

Data by country of Web hosting companies

Until May 3, 2010, the United States was the main country of Web hosting companies. There are 23,619 Web hosting companies in the United States until May 3, 2010. This represents a gain of 105 companies, a loss of 115 companies and a net change of -10 Web hosting companies.

Canada is the second largest Web hosting companies. There are 2,725 Web hosting companies in Canada. This includes a gain of 12 companies of hébergement web hosting, a loss of 17 companies and a net change of -5 companies.

The UK is the third largest Web hosting companies country. There are 2,656 Web hosting companies in the UK. This represents a gain of 16 companies, a loss of 16 companies and there is no net change.

Germany is the fourth country for Web hosting companies. There are 2,378 Web hosting companies in Germany. This represents a gain of 7 companies, a loss of 3 companies and 4 net change Web hosting companies.

The Netherlands is number five in the country for Web hosting companies. There are 1,728 Web hosting companies in the Netherlands. This represents a gain of 6 companies, a loss of 5 companies and a net change of 1 Web hosting companies.

Spain is number six in the country for Web hosting companies. There are 1,629 Web hosting companies in Spain. This represents a gain of 15 companies, a loss of 9 companies and 6 net change Web hosting companies.

Turkey is the country’s number seven for web hosting companies. There are 1,461 Web hosting companies in Turkey. This represents a gain of 18 companies, a loss of 22 companies and a net change of -4 web hosting companies.

France is the number eight for web hosting companies. There are 1,148 Web hosting companies in France. This represents a gain of 2 companies, a loss of 1 company and a net change of 1 webhosting company.

India is the country’s number eight for web hosting. There are 1,148 Web hosting companies in India. This represents a gain of 13 companies, a loss of 14 companies and a net change of -1 hosting company.

Australia is the country Web hosting at number 10. There are 1,072 Web hosting companies in Australia. This represents a gain of 4 companies, a loss of 1 company and a net change 3 Web hosting companies.

Total Domain Names Worldwide

In the week of March 29, 2010, there were 111,739,335 total domains. This includes a gain of 826,070 and a loss of 629,325 domain names. In the network were 196,745 domain names.

In the week of April 5, 2010 there were 111,943,641 total domains. This includes an increase and a loss of 811 816 to 607 510 196 745 Total net of domains.

In the week of April 12, 2010 there were 112,150,623 total domains. This includes a gain of 803,962 and a loss of 596,980 domain names. In the network were 206,982 domains.

The week of April 19, 2010 was 112,349,564 Total domains. This includes an increase and a loss of 810 101 611 160 198 941 for a net of domains.

In the week of April 26, 2010 there were 112,893,071 total domains. This includes a gain of 815,654 and a loss of 605,654 domain names. In the network were 572,147 domains.

In the week of May 3, 2010 there were 112,818,808 total domains. This includes a gain of 831,391 and a loss of 605,654 domain names. In the network were 225,737 domains.

Data 2013

Our list of the 10 Internet servers provides a ranking of the best hosting providers, the feature-rich, well-known and reliable web hosts servers that offer affordable accommodation with the lowest possible prices, including reviews of their combined services in the 10 Web hosting services of the table.

Each provider list of the top 10 web hosts offer :

»Support PHP / MySQL, offer PHP 5 and MySQL 5 database data;
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“Several subdomains and parked domains / add-on ;
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“website statistics, protection of spam and viruses, CGI, Perl, SSL support;
‘Guarantee at least 30 days money back,
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The top ten web hosting in the table below is based on (a) preferences of visitors to our website, (b) offer accommodation and characteristics (c) best web hosting prices. Web Hosting overall reliability, network and server activity, quality of customer service is also taken into consideration.

Compare Top 10 Web Hosting Providers

Check chosen by the editors as the top 10 hosting providers compared in the table below.

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Rank                  Provider             Price        Transferring space / Features
hostgator_3d $ 3.96/ month Unlimited (both) cPanel / WHM, Fantastico,
ASP, Curl, Cron, Pay Monthly
2 ipage_3d $ 2.25/ month Unlimited (both) Easy & Green hosting,
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3 justhost_3d $ 2.49/ month Unlimited (both) Free Domain for Life, Site Builder, Anytime Money Back
4 bluehost_3d $ 6.95/ month Unlimited (both) In business since 1996,support SSH (Secure Shell)
5 webhostinghub_3d $ 3.95/ month Unlimited (both) 90-Days Money Back,
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6 hostmonster_3d $ 3.95/ month Unlimited (both) Instant Setup,
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7 fatcow_3d $ 3.67/ month Unlimited (both) 100% wind powered
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8 webhostingpad_3d $ 1.99/ month Unlimited (both) Cheapest web hosting Hassle-Free Unlimited plan
9 ixwebhosting_3d $ 3.95/ month Unlimited (both) eCommerce Hosting,Dedicated IP addresses
10 hostingcomru_3d $ 4.95/ month Unlimited (both) PHP 5 hosting,
Web hosting UK and Europe ,

“The Best hosting website from the list in the Top 10 last updated on 21 February 2015 :

All hosts websites listed are checked again, the speed of access to websites hosted and response times of customer were tested, and the list is recompiled according to the current state.

10 essential books to understand what is the economy

Foto: 10 libros esenciales para entender en qué consiste la economía

He said Disraeli, with some pride, that he, when I needed to read a book, what he did was write it. But that famous outburst launched by Eugenio D’Ors against Eduardo Aunós, Minister of Primo de Rivera, famous for his literary incontinence is still best known. What great culture would have Minister said one day the thinker from Barcelona, If I had read all the books he has written !!

It is evident that both Disraeli and Aunós played bluff, and so it is best to pull of humility. One is, without a doubt, what you have read (or what you have not read), it is also what has eaten, and why it deserves to return to the classics in times of economic distress. As I said that TV show: ‘Everything is in the free ebooks,’ whether economy. And in this sense, it is worth starting with a monumental work:

History of economic analysis
Joseph a. Schumpeter

It is an essential work that sums up 40 years of research by the Austrian economist.The edition of Ariel performed lovingly by Fabián Estapé is undoubtedly the best.Translated by the great Manuel Sacristán, Schumpeter has a history of political economy in 1,377 pages tight. Its pages go from Aristotle to Plato to the physiocrats, mercantilists, and Marxism; Stuart Mill, Menger, Walras, Marchall , and Keynes.Everything you want to know about economics is in the book of Schumpeter. And if you can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.

The wealth of Nations
by Adam Smith

A classic in the most exact sense of the term. Reading returns the reader to the fundamentals of the economy, when the artificial creation of money had not contaminated the primordial concept of matter, which is to manage the House. There are many issues, but regarding money (since we speak of economy) most useful is the Alliance, translated and with a highly recommended preliminary study by ProfessorRodríguez Braun.

John Maynard Keynes general theory of the employment, interest and money

This is a modern classic. Keynes wrote his most famous book in 1936, in the heart of the great depression. For many it is the Bible, for others a historic mistake. But in any case an indispensable book that if you had read further in the 1990s, all would have been better. Worth a read this foreword by Professor Méndez Ibisate which summarizes critically, that Yes, but masterful, the work of the English. As it is known, the work is based on a principle. Work, consumption, investment and money markets work with failures with respect to the neoclassical assumptions. Reason why, a new general theory must be built. A new model whose arguments, assumptions and variables, if faithfully collected how to work those markets, imperfect way, to understand the economic reality and thus minimize the problems or attack of sub-production and underemployment situations caused by a lack of investment demand.And the role of the State is essential in this task in order to achieve this new general equilibrium.

Poverty and famine: an essay on the law and the deprivation of Amartya Sen

Someone said that an economist is like a driver who makes circular your vehicle at any speed and, from time to time, watch the rearview mirror to know how many corpses has left in its wake. Does not lack reason. And that the work of Indian Nobel Prize, though educated at the Trinity College, Cambridge, helps to understand the world in which I live. It is true that economists are paying to create wealth, but political economy if it does not match the inequality cannot be.

The crack of 29 of John Kenneth Galbraith

There are books that should always have on hand. And one of them is the famous work of the greatest popularizer of economics that has existed. It teaches us that every time the world goes mad and falls into a crisis that has previously priming. Obelixwould say that these Romans are crazy about the easy money. There are crises, although those enlightened ones who certified the death of economic cycles to deny them. It’s worth reading it, if only to see how a crisis will forge.

Principles of Economics Paul Samuelson

A nightmare for many students, but an authority from the academic point of view. The Samuelson par excellence is still there, but in recent times is being surpassed by young economists with great ability to convey ideas, which, ultimately, is what is intended when we speak of ‘principles’. Professor Greg Mankiwof Harvard University, is eating ground, but is still an indispensable manual.

Road to serfdom of Friedrich August von Hayek

It is more than a book of economy. It is a philosophy of life, a plea against the systems of Socialist planning that alter not only the behavior of the market, they override the individual. The problem that Hayek – Schumpeter – is that he had to live in times of political and intellectual hegemony of Keynes, and that darkened his work. From the 1970s, however, has been to say “here I am”. And he has come to stay.

Countries do fail
– Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson

Among the many books that have been published in recent years as a result of the bursting of the financial bubble, one Queen with their own light. He is this work of teachers Robinson and Acemoglu which show with good information why some countries are prosperous thanks to democratic institutions that seek well-being, while others – the most backward-, remain in the hands of the political elites that are intended only to your own satisfaction. The prosperity of the Nations, come to say, does not depend on its natural riches, but the quality of their institutions. Essential, especially reading it in Spain.

The origins of capitalism in Spain of Gabriel Tortella

Professor Tortella demonstrates in this book why we are as we are. It is a work written almost 40 years ago that reflects a tortuous historical process plagued with shortcomings. The industry, banking, railways, the historical backwardness of agriculture… Problems of yesteryear that today are still present. It is not, of course, only recommended work. The light that radiated Carande or Vicens Vives has illuminated a generation of economic historians, among them are Garcia Delgado, Myro, aceña,Cabrera and many more. And, of course, Jordi Nadal. Any of his works is worth.

The Capital of Karl Marx

For many smells of mothballs, but without the Marxist analysis of the reality – another thing is subsequent political praxis that he had no guilt – the world today would be very different. You have to read Marx ideological dispassionately, as a social philosopher, and if possible to do so through the famous translation of Wenceslao Roces in the background of culture. Some of these scholars has given this country but no one claimed

Prostitution in the Red cabins

The London Police battle without success for eleven years to release them from the sexual photos that papered them

Prostitución en las cabinas rojas

If a boat soon ordered anyone to quote three symbols of London, probably the first thing that will come you to the head will be the Tower of Big Ben, Red phone booths and two-storey bus, also coloradas and part of the British sentimental landscape. But the cabins are no longer what they were. The mobile has been liquidating them. In 1980, there were 73,000 in the United Kingdom, today survive only 11,000.There are less and they have also lost their innocence. That because escort service in London has taken red booths, almost always papered entirely with postcards of naked women offering their services, with its number of printed phone over the picture.

Since 2001 postcards from sex in the cabins service offering is a crime. But the truth is that in a game of cat and mouse, British Telecom will cleaning photo booths cyclically only so soon the mafias which exploit the girls paper them over. The Criminal Justice and Police Act set fines ranging from 200 to 1,300 euros for place cards, and penalties of up to one month in prison for offenders. In the year in which that law was passed, BT withdrew 150,000 cards in a single week. But it is estimated that each year Red booths of the United Kingdom still decking with 13 million postcards.

In the United Kingdom, prostitution is legal, but not to exercise it or encourage it in the street. Police concealed, devoted to tackling this lacara that tarnishes the image of London, with sleaze phone to some of the numbers and located the floors and their owners. Then arise there, accompanied by immigration officials, and warned the women not to leave more cards. If your papers are not in order they are extradited.But it is very rare to be arrested, because the authorities know that the problem are the mafias who enslave them and who are responsible for replacing the exhibition booths with a battalion of the so-called ‘card boys’.

“If you’re an American tourist and enter a cabin you’ll think you’re in a sex shop,” complained the London Councilman Kit Malthouse, who battled against this practice. The city of London has called on major United Kingdom phone operators block every number that is located on a card.

Fashion wallpaper photos of prostitutes cabs began in the neighborhood of Soho in the eighties, but today it is ubiquitous on the streets of Camden, Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster… It has even been converted into an art form in the most earth galleries. The first cabins have become also worshipped for some collectors. They appeared in 1920 and are red because the national post, which by then company managed, he decided to paint them with the same color as your mailboxes.

In 1924 was convened a national design competition, which gathered some of the best architects in the country. Won sir Gilbert Scott, creator of the neo-Gothic Liverpool Cathedral, and its model is known as K2.Sir Gilbert wanted to be silver, but fortunately nobody ignored him. On the occasion of the Jubilee of King Jorge V silver a new contest was opened to renew them and again Scott, won with its K6. Today we are already on the K8, swathed with additives which we have referred.

How to grow muscles?

Post image for Crecimiento de los músculos

Research shows that the amount of muscle fibers depends on genetics and practically does not change throughout the life(1). What we call “muscle growth” is actually increasing the volume sarcoplasmático and hypertrophy of tissues.

The endoplasmic sarcoplasmático is a nutritious liquid that fills the space between the muscle fibers and connective tissue. We can say that mainly contains glycogen (reserve of carbohydrates) and also fats, amino acids and enzymes.


Energy for the work of the muscles

Muscles work in Active mode, they need to receive quick energy. For the body it is important to always have reserves of nutrients in the sarcoplasm: there are 100 to 150 grams of carbohydrates, which become worn during strength training.

After training, the body “recovers” sending carbohydrates consumed (in the sarcoplasm) muscles, this process is called “the metabolic window”. It is important to consume carbohydrates for 2-3 hours of the post-workout glycogen stores are minimal.

Connective tissue

Connective tissue surrounds and protects the muscle fibers, also connects muscles with bones. Under the influence of force training in this tissue emerge small stretch marks and its healing leads to growth and increasing the mass and muscle fibers.

Muscle growth is due in 80% to the increase of the connective tissue(1). Indeed, the muscle fibers often differentiate themselves, and different types of training influence on one or another type of fibers, which implies different reactions of the connective tissue.

Post-workout recovery

Recovery of muscle fibers starts 3-4 hours after the workout(2) and 36 to 48 finishes later; for this reason, it is not very useful to exercise the same muscle group too often. The best helpers for recovery are good sleep and good nutrition.

If the body does not receive enough protein and calcium, then the connective tissue will heal worse and the process will take more time, which minimizes the growth of muscles. The body of people who exercise often spends more energy in the post-workout recovery.


The role of training in the growth

Workouts and exercises of force requires us to bear more weight, which causes tiny stretch marks and the consecutive increase in connective tissue. In addition, this type of training increases the production of hormones that influence the growth of muscles.

Cardio exercises make sure blood flows by the body faster, which allows to “remove” the muscles certain products and toxins result of the process of regeneration of connective tissue, which has a positive impact on the speed of recovery post-workout.

A sportsman metabolism

Before it was considered that with the increase of muscle mass, more energy for their maintenance was needed. However, it was demonstrated that a kilogram of muscle demands to maintain 50 Kcal per day(3), which is very little. Really what changes the metabolism.

The organism of athletes is used to empty the reserves of glycogen during training and fill them later, which increases the expense of carbohydrates. In addition, the organism learn to use the proteins contained in the foods more effectively.

Do carbohydrates go to muscles or to accumulate fat?

Empty deposits of glycogen in the muscles involved to the enquiry body part of the carbohydrates and metadrol brasil supplement used during training to be used in the recovery. At that time the body does not try to accumulate fat, on the other hand, tries to make the muscles recover.

The body of persons which are not exercised, tends to not spend the reserves of glycogen, which makes it more likely that the body energy become fat. The conclusion is that the more you exercise it, your body will better manage energy.

Digital products: How to sell information products online?

If you’re a regular reader of this magazine, you know that I am of those who believe in the sale of digital products or infoproduct for the knowledge workers (consultants, coach, programmers, designers, writers, translators, etc.).

These digital infoproduct is an excellent way to complete a more traditional source of income from sale of professional services at a rate set time, a distinct, automated, scalable model.

The path of the infoproduct is a real alternative to set up a business that does not directly depend on the time you devote to a client. It is also a way where you can make Bootstrapping (go auto financing activity) and do not need to hire employees.

If you are thinking about developing a system of continuous income, it is an interesting option, right?

We started without delay this definitive guide to create and sell digital products or infoproduct.

What are digital products or infoproduct?

An infoproducto is an educational product based on knowledge, in the author’s experience. They are lifelong training products, but with 2 new features:

  1. With the democratization of the use of the internet, you can now find educational products for thousands and thousands of different niches. Before, these niches were not covered due to lack of prospects (advertising, logistics and distribution costs make that unprofitable niche – refers to the long tail effect)
  2. Instead of distributing through a classroom training or a sent postal (interactive CD or DVD), the infoproducto is a 100% digital product, which facilitates its distribution and annihilates the costs of logistics.

These 2 elements will be implemented increasingly more, making increasingly effective value chain.

Main benefits of the digital products or infoproduct

Being digital, these products entail several advantages.

  • There are no costs of distribution of your product, no nothing to delivery, it is something that will be able to distribute over the Internet.
  • Normally, the payment platform anything more complete the purchase, the buyer will receive an email where they will be able to download your infoproducto. This is important for the customer because he goes to enjoy your purchase immediately, i.e., someone who decides to buy a course online receives their passwords in five minutes to complete your purchase and starting from there, you can begin your course.
  • These digital products also has the advantage of having a cost of production which is relatively low. Depends on some type of infoproducto you want to produce but most of these products are often constructed based on time of the author, and all can take some time for a project.
  • The cost of this item is almost nil, no need to buy more raw, is made once, and it’s “leverage” sales in many more possible channels.

Because of these characteristics, digital products or infoproduct are suitable for running a business online 24 * 7 * 365, 100% automated.


How are digital products distributed?

A direct channel of reference: your blog

The best channel for the sale of digital products is your own blog.

She is that if you don’t have a blog, not you should be thinking of producing an infoproducto because it is a risk too high.

Digital products that typically operate are normally which are prepared according to the audience that you have in your blog. Your doing a couple of questions to understand what are the most important problems that your readers have and from there trying to provide a solution to ad-hoc that responds to the needs of your audience.

With this you warrant you that an important part of your audience will end up buying your digital products. This is the correct way to do it…

Indirect channels to zero risk: the magic of the affiliate marketing

But returning to the subject of your digital products distribution channels, you can assemble an own affiliate program and you can use for this purpose a system such as that provided by e-junkie where other bloggers may try to promote your digital products and they are going to charge a fee for each sale referred to your blog.

Infoproduct of success: types of digital products

There are several types of digital products

Electronic books or eBooks

This is a fairly easy to prepare infoproducto, is define an index for the book and write the various chapters. Rather than write a book focused on leisure, my recommendation is that you better prepare a book that answers the problem you may have a collective, i.e. people who are looking for solutions to an issue and do not know how to do it.

If you prepare an e-book of 40 or 50 pages, or something else, that explains step by step how to solve this problem, it is likely that, if the problem is sufficiently relevant and annoying for your readers, they end up buying this e-book.

There are thousands of ways to write an e-book, but I think that the initial focus should be this.

Audio books

Another type of digital products that we have are the audio books or the podcasts of payment.

In this case, it’s recorded in audio format and try to add value in different episodes. The advantage of the audio format is that it is a very portable format, many people are listening to music on the subway, or while it is making sport, or resting on the couch or in jams with the car.

In all these dead times that one can have throughout the day, it may be interesting to have a course in audio format.

In order to produce a product in format audio you will need at least a USB microphone and to record yourself in a quiet environment there is no noise and to listen to you, your buyers have a quality product.

Don’t waste much time trying to incorporate music and jingles, as do the radio programmes, I think that this is not the same product. Maybe it is OK if you can have a mini introduction of 15 seconds to launch every one of your episodes, but I understand that what really you people buy is listening to your content and above all, understand how your experience can be useful in solving their problems and achieving their own goals.

Online video courses

Third type of digital products: I’m talking about online courses

There are two different types: the first type would be a video format but more than a video format it is a PowerPoint, a presentation with slides that comes with audio.

In this case the student has a double support, a support in text format and then has the voice that is narrating the story and completing the various points that may appear on the slide a little.

This is a slightly more complex formatting of produce that you will require some kind of software. A software that is very good to do this if you use a PC or Mac is Camtasia Studio. So you can tell a story about a Power Point presentation and save it.

A most interesting format type would be where they arrive mix videos and slides from the rapporteur and hence already requires more mounting, but in this case Camtasia Studio also allows you to do this by the use of PIP (Picture in Picture) and is a format that allows you to better connect with students as there is visual contact they can connect with the teacher because the face and is a format that is the optimal format for me.

It clearly gives you the feeling of a classroom without having to be in a classroom.

Online learning environments

Perhaps if you have experience in online courses you’ll I say lack the interactive part with students and is completely true. There are two ways of doing so: If you have these video formats that I just explained and defined, you can then publish them in a WordPress blog and access reserved for people who have purchased.

If each video is one day of course, you can enable the thread of comments, and from there it will generate interesting for each video conversations.

This would be a first step in trying to provide interactivity between students and the teacher, but if you want one little more, there is another type of infoproducto which are the webinars.

Live webinars

Webinars are live sessions that are made online, the student connects from your own home at a certain hour. Normally, Professor begins the session with a Power Point presentation and then can directly attend a round of questions and answers.

It is a much more interactive format, and in this case, the infoproducto that you could sell are a series of 6 or 8 Webinar about a topic in particular and this is a very interesting format.

Usually the webinar can be recorded if you use a system like GoToMeeting and thus, if one of your students can attend one of 6 webinars that are planned, always you will be able to download the webinar and to requery it.

Monthly subscriptions in private communities

As you can see, there are several possible formats for infoproduct and product more abutido but it is certainly the hardest to do, would be a monthly subscription to a closed community where could you deliver a lot of content in private, both in audio format and in webinar, in video format.

Finally, a series of contents that are not available for the lambda of blog readers but that it would be with access free for all who pay month-to-month.

The private community is also the most complex, because every month you’ll have to be able to provide content of interest to these subscribers and perhaps not the most easy product to begin with, although it is by far the most interesting economic.

Software-based digital products

Increasingly, our every day becomes more digital, database and needs to automate business processes. If you are a developer, you shouldn’t have much problems of work if you work in communities of free Software (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) or if you know some programming for Smart Phones (Android & iPhone OS).

Now, enter the world of Software is also a tremendous opportunity for all knowledge workers entrepreneurs. The developer knows programming, but in general is not in touch with the market.Successful applications serve the needs of a group.

The perfect symbiosis to develop innovative digital products, even more so with the emergency Market Place such as oDesk or evento fire hotmart 2017.

Resell rights

Nothing new here, but it is still a great way to sell your art, if you’re a designer, Illustrator or graphista. Betting by a character and a line graph, and you try to sell the rights to companies that sell products to the Mass Market. A great model for those who mastered this skill.

A model derived from digital products, is selling templates at Theme Forestmarket. The level of risk assumed in this case is much lower, seen from the perspective of the creator of the template.

Where to begin with your first infoproducto?

My advice is to be cautious and you do a first experience with the easier to produce infoproducto: Ebook.

Both in time and cost, because if we go back to the audio formats and video formats, these formats, at the level of distribution will require you to know where to stay this material and also at the level of payment, the sale of a .pdf platform tends to be much cheaper than the sale of audio or videos that weigh much.

This e-book you can decide to spread it for free, without asking anything in return, but making it very clear in each of the pages of this book you are going to give away, what is front page of your blog so that people who may have interest in knowing more about these themes can easily get to your blog.

This is a way to do this that can be interesting for everyone who works in consulting or living giving lectures or seminars since it is very good for personal branding.

Another way to do it is to use this free e-book as an incentive for the people giving high to your newsletter and this is a smart way to begin to assemble a database of customers or better said, prospects, using this infoproducto.

Typical questions about digital products or infoproduct

How many pages should the infoproducto be?

The number of pages or the hoars of materials of digital products is completely irrelevant to me.Sometimes you have 3-page documents that they provide a brutal value and then you have electronic books free of 200 pages that are a real garbage.

The number of pages is not a relevant criterion. What is very important is the theme of your e-book and I insist that it is better to think in a group that has a problem and try to make an e-book to help them solve this problem.

Could I give a couple of examples of digital products or infoproduct?

I give you an example of the approach to laser that you should try to give your digital products: there is everything a group of bloggers who started his life of blogger using a free platform.

If you have used the platform, the migration to a blog of your own, that they are going to stay using is pretty simple because finally and after, the online version of WordPress and the version that you are looking tu, have a basis in common.

But on the other hand, if they have started his career as a blogger at or (which Google’s platform), the migration of the contents of a platform to another is not so simple and there is a collective that need this type of information and in the end, as not found, never is decided to take action and to migrate to the WordPress blog.

I’m talking about a micro problem, but this ensures that, for the people who is in this phase, a book that can respond to this need really very defined, is a type of interesting book.

It’s concrete problems that have no easy solutions and in this book can you explain step by step how to do it, can you explain what are the advantages of upgrading to WordPress, can you explain what are the main mistakes that usually commit people that your readers avoid repeating them, etc. etc.

Facing editorial line that should address your product, I believe that it is much easier to focus on something practical that focuses to people to learn things.

For example, if you are a writer, can you think of a book that explains the bases so that writers frustrated, fans can start his first novel. This can have interest for a certain audience.

If this book is free you can try on a future of selling a classroom training, a course, a practical workshop for 8 hours, where students who have been connected with you through the e-book may hire you more services.

You’re catching it?

When is the best time to launch digital products?

Launch your first infoproducto is like having a son: will never be a good time to do so. There will always be an excuse that is going to push to say is not the right time to do it, but the truth is that it is as easy as deciding to launch your first product and get to work on it.

In one week you can define the subject, the valid with a poll on your blog and from there you get to work in your infoproducto.

I would stress that the volume of pages is not relevant, what is relevant in order to put price (or not) to your infoproducto is to what kind of problem is responding.

Can I do digital products if I am not a super expert?

My answer is definitive if.

The expertise or experience is a matter of perception that is relative. I.e., me are reading at the moment and you think that I am a super expert blogs and issues of selling professional services through blogs, and thank you to think this, but you have to understand that I am also reading other bloggers. In my case I read bloggers in English and I’m thinking of them just like you thought of me.

Long as you are consistent and transparent with your readers, I believe that no problem there is.

An e-book for a novice who mounted their first blog to try to earn money with affiliate marketing can be very interesting. This can be a very interesting do; infoproducto in fact I have tried I prepare acourse for beginners sen affiliate marketing online.

It is clear that you need to know what accounts in your e-book and that this is really the value of your e-book but I insist that there are always more novice people that your. Whenever you’ve travelled part of the way you’ve marked, there will always be people who will not the 3 or 6 months of work that you have done and in this case this might be your audience.

So that your level of experience is not an excuse to not launch your first infoproducto.

What’s more: the sooner you launch your first infoproducto before you’ll have digital products on the market and before will generate stable monthly income with these digital products, which will come to strengthen your business.

In my case, sales of digital products every month is slowing between 500 and 1000 euros a month which is not bad.

Why integrate the infoproduct or digital products in a portfolio of professional services?

For everyone who works as a freelance, the infoproduct or digital products are a fantastic way to mitigate the typical ups and downs that can have the freelancers in their sales cycle, where there are moments in which you enter so many projects while you can not attend them all, but then for 2 or 3 months not a single customer you does not fit.

If you’ve developed a source of revenue based on digital products, somehow already not you are selling your time for a fee and these infoproduct distributed completely automated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Of course, the price that you put your infoproducto impact on sales but I insist that it depends on the problem you solve.

I find it very interesting for all who work as consultants, advisors or coaches try to enter this in the infoproduct because while it is true that in the short term it is difficult to make billing more than 5 or 10% of your total income with your infoproducto, I think 3 years view the panorama will have changed much and the infoproducto allows you to leave the geographical limitations of the city where you live because you’re developing a product 100% digital, 100% overall and a product that is part of what will be our professional world in future years. So you are taking a step to strengthen the impact of your business in the future.

No one has said that this is sucked. You will have to learn how to sell digital products

The British can check if their partners have a history of violence

Manos de una mujer víctima de la violencia de género

Women in England and Wales may ask the police to check whether their partners have a history of domestic violence or other, according to a new legislation which came into force Saturday, coinciding with the international day of the woman.

The so-called domestic violence outreach programme or instant checkmate reviews, that affects to the English and Welsh regions – Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own competences – is intended to provide information that can protect a person from possible attacks, said the Ministry of the Interior.

The legislation that underpins the programme known as “the law of Clare”, in memory of Clare Wood, 36 year-old woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009.

The program gets underway after a period of test from 2012 in four areas, Greater Manchester, Gwent, Nottinghamshire and Wiltshire.

Interior has ensured that at least one hundred people have benefited from information key to protect your life in these pilot programs.

In memory of Clare

Clare Wood, who had a son, was strangled and burned by his former partner at his home in Salford, Greater Manchester (Northern English), in February 2009.

The aggressor, George Appleton, he had a history of violence against women, with periods in prison, which Wood did, but in the months before his death the young man contacted several times with police accusing him of assault, threats and attempted rape.

An investigation into the police response concluded later that the victim had not received necessary support and attention, which led to the revision of legislation and, after a campaign of his father, the introduction of the “law of Clare”.

Appleton was found hanged in a pub left six days after the death of Wood.

How to start a computer repair business

Un técnico de servicio competente es una ventaja para los consumidores y las empresas.

A qualified service technician is an advantage for consumers and businesses.

Consumers, businesses, San Diego computer repair shop, schools and others integrate computers in their daily operations. Consumers keep monthly budgets and downloaded videos to watch at home. Financial professionals make monitoring of customer investments through spreadsheets and software owner. College students produce research using word processing programs. A malfunction of hardware equipment such as a defective hard disk drive or a broken screen, can cause a problem, but is often serviceable. A competent team of professional service often minimizes downtime for the customer if the technician can solve the problem quickly.


1. Structure your computer repair business. It adopts a corporate structure with the help of an accountant familiar with information technology and services companies. It considered the possibility of a sole proprietorship, a corporation or limited liability company. The list of advantages and disadvantages of each commercial format ask your counter.

2. Complete the tasks of business organization. Get a commercial license in your city or at the office of the Secretary of the County and questions about other necessary permits. In the Houston area, new business owners benefit from the free guidance provided by the Houston Business Center One Stop. The center of business identifies them requirements of licenses and permissions of each business, performs seminars free of the small company and facilitates them contacts with other agencies.

3. Complete your insurance and taxes logistics. Get in touch with a professional commercial insurance who are familiar with the services and computer companies. Ask your agent about coverage of corporate responsibility, as well as coverage of professional civil liability for your services.Communicate with the Department of State taxes on your need for tax sales license compliance.

4. Leases an office shopping convenient. It is a suite of office close to facilities such as schools, parks offices and equipment dependent on service companies. Make sure that your suite has a reception / office area, as well as a work area with a lock for secure storage of customer equipment. Confirm that your suite has access to high speed Internet to facilitate communication between the client and process the test computer repair.

5. List your regional competitors of computer repair. Identify other companies that offer computer repair services. Them examples include stores large of computers and appliances and the shops of electronic with them departments of repair, facilities independent as it yours and repairers independent of computers that solve problems of hardware in site of the customer. In an area Metropolitan large as Houston, you can find dozens of competitors potential.

6. Creates a list of its services of repair of computers. Analyzes the menus of your competitors of services of repair and identifies opportunities of vacancies of service. For example, the repairers of computers often replace them components defective instead of trying to repair them. Examples of components replaceable include units of disk hard and the team of interface of network. However, a business with a limited budget can appreciate the option of having a diagnosed defective component and, if possible, repaired if this process saves you money.

7. Sells your services to enterprise customers. Reach regional enterprise customers through your membership in the Chamber of Commerce of the city. It assists the camera functions such as mixers business, where you socialize with other business owners and professionals. Some networking events also include opportunities for attendees of a talk by 10 seconds of promotion business. It combines enterprise support mixed with personal visits to the members. It offers a free review for every business owner. The members of Chamber services rates considered favorable.

8. Your repair services sold to consumers. Working with a graphic designer to create colorful advertising card showing your computer repair services. Lists the systems that are commonly supported, as well as the certifications that you keep. Create packages for maintenance services for consumers who rely heavily on computers for functions such as the use of labour in the home and e-commerce. Place your advertising cards in Internet cafes, coffee shops, bookstores and schools. Inserts a recurring computer service announcement from your business in the newspaper of the city and the directory service. An advertisement of your company of the size of an advertising card keeps your business in front of newspaper readers and increases the chances that a reader you remember in a crisis related to computer science. Create a colorful signs advertising platform traveling in vehicles made by a professional manufacturer. It coordinates the card rack and graphics for vehicles with a unified brand approach

Forklift training process

It’s very important to train a forklift driver in short time but good skills, here houston forklift training organization presents a process of forklift training that will give the best result.


Mastering the processes of teaching and learning for adults, optimizing skills that ensure success in planting, implementation and evaluation of competency in safe handling.

Personnel who have a need to train as an instructor


• How adults learn
• Teaching-learning process
• Overcoming resistance to change
• Skills of adults to learn

• Analysis of my communication style
• Communication and its impact on learning
• What to do so that they understand my message
• Case studies applied to teaching

• Structures and activities for learning design
• Fundamental skills of the facilitator
• Training in two planes: Learn how to teach and how to learn
• Creating the participants commitment to learning

• Practical aspects, clarification of goals and roles


• Assessment of skills and knowledge in direct
• The theory test, how to design it and when to apply
• Practical evaluation of learning and experience
• Competency assessment

• The management of teaching materials by the instructor
• The educational program guide
• Micro teaching video filmed workshop


At the end of the event the instructor will dominate the methodology to teach the program of forklift operation, acquiring the know-how, mechanical and operational to transmit this knowledge effectively

• Acts and unsafe conditions
• Causes of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions
• Incidents and accidents
• Impact of accidents for the worker and the company
• Severity factor

• Combustion engine and or electrical, brake systems and hydraulic forklift, parts, components, performance and correct operation by the operator
• Controls and Board of the forklift
• Functional and operational readiness inspection, filled with daily report
• Refueling in gasoline, gas or diesel engines
• Recharging of batteries for electric forklifts

• The principle of the lever
• The load capacity, distance, height of lift
• The rating plate of the forklift.
• Screening of film

• Inspection and operation of forklift safety regulations
• Standards of safety and correct operation for transportation of the forklift with and without load
• Standards of safety and correct operation for the loading and unloading of cargo
Pedestrian safety rules
• Standards of safety and correct operation at load of container trailers and vans
• Screening of film

• The reason for the post
• The importance of being the best
• Positive attitude, initiative and responsibility
• The quality and value for the client provider

• Application of theoretical knowledge exam
• Application of interview to determine the degree of awareness of the operator in the application of knowledge and skills to the operation
• Practical evaluation and said management of forklift operation

• Functional and visual inspection of the unit
• Review of levels and unit safety critical points
• Management of with and without load front
• Management of reverse with and without load
• Handling in narrow and dangerous areas
• Correct method for stowage of loads and verification of the quality

• Identification of the forces, opportunities, weaknesses and threats at work
• Determination of the work programme

Note: It should be noted that due to the nature of the program is suggested to select trainers with the following profile:
1 leadership with the staff skills is of influence behaviours.
2. in your employment history and security background Buenos.
3. skills of reading, writing, and ease of Word.
4. taste for teaching.
5. experience in management.

At the end of the event will be delivered on CD, as didactic material to carry out the course:
 educational Material and films for the instructor
 participant Manual to reproduce
 theoretical assessment for the participant
 Guide of labor competences the operator shall prove during practice.

Being a transfer of technology and expertise of many years, the delivery of the instructor training course will be held only by Convention and only to be used by the Organization in this business unit.

Our company will award diploma recognition before the disappearance, for internal courses, as well as the signing of the certificates of job skills.

24 hrs. in three days


movietube offer you a comprehensive overview of 15 films much anticipated these next coming months and you can not miss notes!


Already released Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fast and Furious 7 There are fewer tapes to be discovered this year. In the near futurethere are very powerful titles that we bring you review so that you do not forget any. Although officially the summer starts on June 21, the quarter formed by June, July and August promises a lot but is that in addition to the month of May is very powerful and also include it you to keep you abreast of everything that is going to get. Here a preview video of what will happen by the USA, although in Spain the dates are not coincidental and not all will.

Read the article and you can have dates, details, and details of each film. You can save this article agenda as well. We hope to serve you!

What movie do you most want to see? You are able to watch series online for free now.


Date: 24 July

Disney has just released the final lineup of Ant-Man, next feature film based on a comic book superhero and which will serve as a closure of the phase 2 of Marvel. Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead or Scott Pilgrim) was dropped from the project and was acquired by Peyton Reed, who will open phase 3 of Marvel. In Spain the tape will arrive July 24 and expectations, saw its trailer, are not too high. Seems that the level has left Avengers: Ultron era is light-years from what seems to be Ant-Man. I wish I mistake…

By the way, in the U.S. There are tapes as bread, with Hugh Jackman, who have postponed their release date to October to not coincide with this Ant-Man or the next installment of the Mission impossible (the two are released on 17 July).

Jurassic World

Date: June 12

Highly anticipated this reboot produced by Steven Spielberg. The question is will look like something to the Jurassic Park from 1993? We have already seen the second world trailer film and have high expectations. The protagonist is Chris Pratt (guardians of the Galaxy) and will be accompanied in this new theme park with dinosaurs by Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Judy Greer, Katie McGrath, Lauren Lapkus & Andy Buckley.

Ted 2

Date: 31 July

The bear more ironic and funny film comes to us at the end of June and then to our country to remain a capotain and put its Mark Wahlberg childhood friend in trouble and problems. We have already seen the trailer in Spanish and uncensored and laughed with new occurrences of Seth McFarlane. In this installment we will see Morgan Freeman, Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson.

Inside-out (Inside Out)

Date: 17 July

Pitch of Pixar. This film directed by Pete Docter, responsible for Up, will participate in the official section of the 68th edition of the Festival de Cannes.shown interesting clips. The emotions of joy, fear, anger, anger and sadness are characters in the film, plan once upon a time life but with more depth.

Mad Max: Fury road

Date: May 15

The coming week is one of the highlights of the year. This remake of the tape of the 1980s, Mel Gibson, popularization seemed unnecessary and forgettable. Butthe more we are seeing it We like more. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy are visible advantages of this film directed by George Miller.

Terminator: Genesis

Date: July 10

We will have to wait until June to see the highly anticipated new tape Arnold Schwarzenegger with the important presence of Emilia Clarke (Daenerys in game of Thrones). We have already long ago the final trailer and the spectacular poster to anticipate what we can find in this new installment of the series. What makes remarkable film is that it is not neither remake nor sequel. It seeks to tell otherwise what James Cameron did 30 years ago. What would have happened if John Connor is a cyborg? The story seems risky but at least will be different to what we know.

Fantastic 4

Date: August 14

It is not having a great pint from what we have seen so far but it must be seen to have a say with knowledge of the facts. The cinematic precedents of the 4F leave so far much desired and the collection of comics has just come to an end.We will see what happens with this attempt. The new tape will be headed by Josh Trank and speaks of a sequel for June 2017. The story is a reinvention updated original, focused on the collection Ultimate Fantastic Four of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar. We will see thousands Teller as Reed Richards (the LAD from Whiplash), Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and the human torch and Invisible woman, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell in the role of Ben Grimm and the thing.

Tomorrowland: the world of tomorrow

Date: May 29

With the recently submitted third official trailer Disney take action and wants to follow the footsteps of the success that just got with Avengers: Ultron era.Filmmaker Brad Bird is passed to the actual image. After the prestigiosisimas and memorable Ratatouille and The Incredibles now will lead to George Clooney in a film that aims to temporary space loops and that not much is known but showing good manners. Only one apocalyptic sentence: “Remember the future” (remember the future) is already enough to engage us.

Insidious: Chapter 3

Date: June 5

The unexpected and excellent figures of the first two deliveries of Insidious have allowed that a third could be. Without James Wan as director, that is true, but it is see if works the series without him and with this prequel. We will see Elise Rainier (Lyn Shaye) trying to protect a teenager. Leigh Whannell made his debut in the direction.

The Minions

Date: July 3

If there are people who enjoyed not enough with my favorite villain, Gru can to similarly be set in those tiny and yellow characters returning loco to the protagonist. Themselves have asked for passage and right have a test to try to convince viewers that deserve to own film. Spin-off in all rule which we are sure that you have fun According to appearances.

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is an upcoming American television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson scheduled to premiere on AMC in August 2015. It is a companion series to the horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. AMC greenlit the pilot to series on March 9, 2015, with a two-season commitment. Click to watch fear the walking dead.



In the case of motorcycle accident what does insurance cover?

Motorcycle insurance coverage depends on the insurance that you have hired. According to the law, wanting to drive a bike must have a minimum insurance contract, this insurance is compulsory and is known as compulsory civil liability insurance. In the case of a motorcycle accident, with compulsory insurance third persons are covered. In this guide we will discuss what this insurance covers you.

Accidente moto

Minimum coverage that offers the insurance takes care to third parties, but what does cover them exactly to third parties? The answer is that it covers the material caused by objects such as faults or damages to another bike or car, a street lamp, animals… Physical damage before an motorcycle accident are also covered.

What happens if I am guilty of the motorcycle accident?

Since 2008 – January 1 with more accuracy – the law says that each accident of motorbike and the insured is the culprit, the insurer is obliged to respond by:

  • Bodily harm which will cover up to 70 million euros for each accident, this without taking into account the number of people who are victims.
  • Faults or damage to the property, where you shall indemnify up to 15 million euros regardless of the number of affected goods.

Then what is not covered?

If you had a motorcycle accident and only hired the compulsory civil liability insurance without other additional or voluntary coverage, you will not cover the damages themselves, either to you or to your bike, because you are not a “third-party”.

In addition, there are some exclusions, such as for example the associated with motorcycle accidents among relatives, which was made to prevent fraud, and says that if there is material damage whose incumbents are adjudged by an motorcycle accident , the owner or the driver’s insurance, or her husband or wife, or any family – fathers, brothers, sons, etc.-of up to third degree of consanguinity or affinity covered are not by this insurance of civil liability to third parties. It should be clear that personal damages they will always be covered, because it assumes that no one is going to harm intentionally to a family member.

There are other situations in which does not cover insurance before a motorcycle accident. For example if you crash against a store, the insurer pays the caused material damage but if after the accident you have to hire someone to watch that the warehouse is not stolen because of the damage that you did, the money to hire that person who monitors comes out of your pocket, the insurance does not cover it.

There is some additional coverage that can be hired, is each person’s own decision and you can consult the experts to indicate them yourself. Among the most popular is the coverage against theft, own damage, fire, etc.

What is me to if I don’t have insurance?

It is important that you always have a contracted insurance and that it is in force because the consequences are not good, these are:

You can have a sanction or administrative penalty of economic character imposed by the police or the Civil Guard’s traffic. These fines can range from 600 to more than 3,000 euros and depend on variables such as the severity of the motorcycle accident, among others.

If you had an motorcycle accident, having no insurance mandatory minimum will make you responsible for all costs to third parties such as personal.

To know

If it turns out that no one wants to make, there are several reasons why insurers have the authority to decide whether you accept or not, for reasons such as little experience in driving, walking age, type of bike, etc. always you can go to the Personal injury attorney Boca Raton to help you.

What to keep in mind before purchasing a baby carrier


Today we can find all kinds of models of baby carriers. Take a look at our baby carrier reviews: Mei-tai, scarf, sling, pouch, shoulder bag, several backpacks… But choose the most appropriate according to the age of the baby and the use that we will give you is no easy task. For this reason, we will make an analysis of what to keep in mind before purchasing a carrier.

Before entering the subject fully, we will talk briefly about why to use a baby carrier. It is comfortable to carry the baby, it allows us to have free hands, and mainly because the close contact which is set with MOM or dad is very beneficial for their development.

It gives a pleasant feeling, feels safe and secure, so little sleep better, reduces anxiety and decreases episodes of crying and colic.

Carry the baby “slopes” is a very nice experience for both the child and parents, find an appropriate carrier is therefore essential to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. There are certain things that must be taken into account if you are thinking of buying a baby carrier, either as the only way of transporting it or as a complement to the stroller.

Types of baby carriers

According to beco baby carrier reviews, there’s no ideal model of carrier which go well to everyone. Each may be the most suitable according to the use that we will give you or the age of the baby. Some a sling, find it more comfortable while a knotted scarf goes to others better. Sometimes it is a matter of keep trying, but we will give you some guidelines to make the election the most successful possible.

When choosing, it is important to be clear on which moments are going to use the baby carrier: excursions, urban, House, long, a moments, as well as the age of the child, for their needs according to the stage of development and of course, by weight.

Let’s look at the main features of each type of baby carrier:

  • Scarf:

It is the most versatile carrier allows an infinite number of positions. It is easy to perform, no need to buy it, and sure that you find a way to use that is you right.

Consists of a piece of fabric from a meter wide and different lengths (from 3.20 meters to 5 meters) depending on the size of the carrier, the age of the child and the techniques of knotting that we will use.

There are a lot of techniques of knot that you can learn. It can be complicated at first, but once learned a couple of techniques, is placed very easily.

The choice of fabric is important. It has to be a non-elastic fabric, which yield only in diagonal direction without giving in transverse or vertically, because when the baby is some weight do not want to overreach or knots to move.

  • Ergonomic backpack:

It is respectful of the physiology of the baby, because you are sitting on your buttocks, and the carrier, to distribute the weight between the shoulders and hips. It allows to transport children from birth up to 15 kg – 20 kg of weight, although we strongly recommend from 5-6 months, when you can sit by themselves.

Allows you to carry your baby in various positions: front, back, inward-looking, looking out, and some can even be carried on the hips.

The backpack is the model of carrier best accepted by the Popes and the most durable, because it can be used for many years.


  • Mei tai:

It is a carrier of origin East, similar to a backpack, but sustained with knots. It consists of a rectangle of fabric with four strips at their ends which pass by the mother’s shoulders and waist. It may be to the front, in the back or on the hips.

It can be used from birth but it is recommended from the 5 or 6 months of age, when baby can sit on its own, although some have a reducer system for use with smaller babies.

  • Sling, pouch or shoulder bag:

It is a band of cooked fabric and without hooks that is placed over a shoulder. They are suitable for newborn babies as let take it in cradle position or with the belly attached to the body of the mother. It is also ideal to breastfeed.

When it is larger than allows you to carry your baby on his back or sitting on its side to the hip, a very comfortable position for the carrier because it is wearing on arms, but with hands-free. However, when the child’s weight is considerable, it is not recommended to use it too long.

  • Scarf with rings:

The system is similar to the shoulder strap, but instead of being sewn is a piece of fabric that fits through a ring. It enables better control the tension of the fabric so that the baby is well glued to the body of the carrier.

The position of the baby


When the baby is newborn should be sitting on his buttocks, but not with the legs hanging. Your legs should form a M, as a frog, with legs open approximately 45 ° with respect to the body axis and slightly higher than the bum knees. This position is ideal to help resolve mild hip dysplasia .

The back should be a C (kyphosis of the spine), with the curved spinal column, the closest possible to the position which had within the womb.

The baby’s body should be glued to the body of the carrier.

For the first stage are more suitable systems type scarf, sling or shoulder bag with or without rings.

When the baby can already sit by itself, you can use baby carrier in which sitting type will backpack or mei tai.

The child has to be high enough so that we get to kiss him virtually no duck. If he is too low, the weight not dealt properly loading too lower back carrier.

In short, what to consider before purchasing a baby sling is to observe the natural position of the baby according to their stage of development (that do not adopt a forced position), which is appropriate for their weight and size, that is comfortable for the wearer and be clear about the use that we are going to give.

The 6 Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore

The 5 Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore

(Image: Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant)

Looking for delicious Halal foods to indulge in while you are in Singapore? You might need our list of six best Halal restaurants to complete your culinary adventure.

If your palate favours Western cuisine, Badoque Café is your destination. Want a taste of Thai or Indonesian dishes, Bumbu Restaurant has the best of these cuisines on offer. For those who miss the delicious hawker foods in Penang, the extensive buffet line at Penang Place Restaurant will give you chance to sample a bit of everything again. Visit Hajah Maimunah Restaurant, you will know that you cannot resist the lure of kampung style Malay foods. And people in mood for some exotic flavours will get excited with the dazzling selection of Turkish fare at Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant.

Now you can start your adventure.

1. Pondok Jawa Timur

Pondok Jawa Timur offers you the best in traditional Javanese cuisine from the eastern part of Indonesia. In 2006, Mdm Indah arrives in Singapore and with a passion for food since young and also her wishes, she decided to introduce authentic Javanese cuisine to more peoples. So in 2007, she set up a eatery house at Indonesia Embassy in Singapore. After 3 years,due to the continuous growing customers and positive feedback, she has move into a full restaurant set up so as to offers a wide varieties of mouth-watering Javanese foods.   So what Makes Pondok Jawa Timur a Local Favorite ?

  • We only use fresh ingredients
  • Experience local Indonesian Chefs
  • Singapore Halal Certified
  • Authentic Javanese cusine and also some of the hot/ ice shave beverages at economical pricing
  • Two convenient locations: 737 North Brdige Road (restaurant) and One Raffles Plac #5 stall 7 (Padang cuisine stall)

2. Badoque Café at Simpang Bedok

Badoque Café

(Image: Badoque Café)

A Halal restaurant with beautiful Mediterranean fare: Badoque Café features an internationally inspired menu (Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian Fusion), but Mediterranean cuisine is the one that takes the spotlight. You will love the Greek salad, seafood pasta, lamb shanks, olive oil dressing, and potato wrapped prawns at Badoque Café.

Beef rib for sharing: The real crowd puller, Badoque’s gargantuan beef rib is served with potatoes, greens, and soaked in thick barbecue sauce. Meat is grilled well-done and served hot to your table, waiting to satiate your cravings for tender and juicy ribs. There’s more, price starts at S$24 for a 450g beef rib and you can share it with a couple of your friends.

Best-tasting entrée: If you think starters are just as important as the main course, then you won’t go wrong with Badoque Café. This Halal restaurant draws the crowd in with its Chicken and Orange salad (S$7). It’s a dish served with chunks of chicken, fresh mandarin orange, and fresh greens all of which are showered with olive oil dressing.

Warm and cordial hospitality: The service at Badoque Café is highly commendable that it deserves to be a highlight. The waiters display warm Malay hospitality like the smiles on their faces are ever-present despite being surrounded by a busy crowd. Staff has the initiative to help the customers out with their food selection and requests so even the first-timers will have a great dining experience.

Generous food portions, suitable for sharing.


3. Penang Place Restaurant

Penang Place Restaurant

(Image: Penang Place Restaurant)

A place to have Halal Penang food: This is a must visit destination for fans of Penang food. The flavours of Penang Assam Laksa, Penang Hokkien Mee, Penang Char Kway Teow and many more are close to what you can get at the “food paradise” in Malaysia.

A wholesome buffet line with 30 specialities: Prepared by exclusive chefs from Penang, the buffet is an exhaustive selection of mouth-watering hawker favourites, and refreshing, colourful desserts. With so many delights on offer, it surely is a great value for money.

One of the best Penang Char Kway Teow in town: Served piping hot with smoky flavour, this signature dish will make you drool with the aroma itself. With loads of prawns, cockles, squids, fish cakes, eggs, bean sprouts, and scallions, each Char Kway Teow batch flies away as soon as it is laid out.

Have fun with the live cooking stations and create some selected dishes in your own way: Experience that childlike glee by mixing your own ingredients at DIY counters. What is your prefered version of Assam Laska, Fruit Rojak or Ice Kacang? Just make it the way you like.

Dining for the entire family with a special kids buffet: While adults can gorge on spicy Penang flavours, children can have their fill with all-time favourites like Nuggets, French Fries, Chicken Fillet and an array of desserts. Kids simply love the cooking stations as making their own Ice Kacang or Chendol is an exciting activity.


4. Bumbu Restaurant

Bumbu Restaurant

(Image: Bumbu Restaurant)

Serving Thai and Indonesian cuisine with a twist: Want some Thai style Halal foods? Bumbu restaurant has a wide selection of Thai dishes with all-time favourites like Mango Salad, Tom Yum Seafood and Green Curry Chicken to please your taste buds. And let your palate travel without making a move by ordering some Indonesian signature dishes such as Tahu Telor and Beef Rendang.

Charming ambience with lovely Peranakan antiques: The place is decorated with beautiful Peranakan antiques and photographs, collected by the owner himself. Marble tables and doors with carved motifs give this restaurant an old-world charm while Peranakan screens separating tables from each other create a private world for each group of diners.

Buffet is available at below S$20: Bumbu’s buffet line features more than 20 mains and a wide selection of desserts. It is like a mini Asian buffet that offers foodies chance to sample a lot of beautiful dishes from Thai, Indonesian and Peranakan cuisines.

Complimentary papadoms of two kinds are served after being seated. Free crispies are always a delight.

Pleasant staff and quick service: At Bumbu, the delicious yet affordable foods are always accompanied by pleasant service. Staff is friendly and efficient, accommodating and delivering a pretty fast service.


5. Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant

Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant

(Image: Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant)

Turkish Halal food with Middle-eastern fare: If your food preference favours red meat, spiced soups, yoghurt, dishes dressed in olive oil, skewered meats and sides, and all-things eggplants, then your palate definitely suits Sofra’s traditional Turkish dishes.

Wide selection of Kebab dishes: As with any middle-eastern dining experience, kebabs are a highlight of the meal. Meat lovers would love the familiar Iskender, Beyti, Doner Kebab roll, Eggplant kebab, and Adana kebab, all come in a mixture of beef, lamb, and/or chicken meats. Otherwise, you can go for the obscure ones such as Yaprak, Cup kebab, and Sultan kebab.

Chef plate for sharing: Turks traditionally eat at home thus the food come in either large servings or a mixture of everything. Chef plate (S$21.90) showcases Izgara Kofte, Doner Kebap, and Shish Kebap. It is ideal for 2 persons who just want to have a sampling taste of Turkish cuisine without shelling out a load of money.

There’s a pizza to fall for: Pide is a crowd favourite, mainly because it isn’t like your ordinary veggie-friendly pizza. Topped over the soft and crunchy pizza bread are the homemade sauce, roasted eggplant, and minced lamb and chicken. It looks like shawarma on pizza dough and it is succulent enough to satisfy your appetite.


6. Hajah Maimunah at Jalan Pisang

Hajah Maimunah

(Image: Hajah Maimunah)

Serving some of the most delicious, authentic Malay food in Singapore: For a taste of traditional, home-style Malay dishes, get it at Hajah Maimunah. The restaurant’s signatures such as Beef Rendang (braised beef), Ikan Bakar (grilled fish), Ayam Bakar Padang (grilled chicken) and Tahu Telur (deep-fried beancurd) are real crowd pleasers.

A “mind-blowing” selection of more than 40 dishes at affordable prices: Heaps of delicious, colourful dishes are displayed in the clean glass panelled cabinet – curries, seafood, vegetables, deep fried fritters and traditional kuihs. And most of the dishes have prices ranging between S$4 and S$6.

Open for not only lunch and dinner but also breakfast: Malay food lovers have chance to dig into some really fresh, homely breakfast in this restaurant as it is open at 07:00 from Monday to Saturday.

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Cheap and computer controlled cutting machine

Engineers at the University of Salamanca in the campus of Zamora developed a machine cheap and controlled from the computer to cut materials with high precision. The prototype may be used in bricoloje and modelling activities.

A project of the Polytechnic School of Zamora intended to innovate in the field of the numerically controlled machines (CNC) computer through a project that is part of the program of prototypes aimed at the market of the Fundación General of the University of Salamanca. The goal is to develop one of these machines, which are used to perform precision for activities of DIY, cutting model and even art that incorporates mechanical parts.

“We designed a large precision machine controlled by computer, a complex instrument that would be difficult and expensive to manufacture by hand,” says Miguel Enrique de Vega Martín, student of the Polytechnic School of Zamora. The researcher has obtained scholarship to put into practice his idea, within this prototype program supported by the project of transfer of knowledge University (T-CUE) of the Junta de Castilla y León.

CNC machines can be found in factories and large installations, but usually also used them to model construction fans or mechanics, i.e., “people with different interests, interested in making objects, prototypes or small robots”, indicates the Professor Raúl Rengel, area of electronics of the University of Salamanca, which is the academic tutor of this project (together with Roberto José García Martín (, in the area of mechanical engineering). “Imagine, for example, a fan of the model you need parts to make a model plane”, suggests the professor.

In fact, often these amateur built is its own cutting machines guided by the information found on the internet.However, this procedure is usually give many problems, for example, inaccuracies and gaps that end up thwarting the initial purpose. The creator, who is also fond of, was built one of these machines in a craft way and from that experience came the idea for this project. “In general, the accuracy of these machines is quite low, and electronic precision is less problematic but mechanical precision gives problems on bearings”.

Lower costs

Purchase one of these machines, however small, that is, low quality, around 800 euros as minimum, but professional teams reach the 10,000, so the goal of this project is to bring to the market a very good quality product, at a price which is acceptable to fans, who on many occasions are organized into groups to deal with costs.

In short, “is not a new invention, but that it’s innovate improving technology that already exists, looking to optimize quality and cost,” says Raúl Rengel. In this sense, one of the most important challenges will be to optimize the interface between the computer and the machine. The software that is used in the control of these machines “is good”, but the connection of this with the machine “has some limitations”. For this reason, “we are working on the possibility of connecting to any computer via USB”, says the teacher.

According to its promoters, the key is, precisely, that the user can obtain the precise cutting designs through the computer machine. First, a design is done by using a vector drawing program. “First, drawing the piece itself;later, the program translates instructions to the machine so you move shafts and, finally, cut, puncture, or drill the workpiece”, says the expert.

Usually, pieces that are then mounted manually take place, so these machines called the attention of fans. They aim is to arrive by a gap in the market by means of a quality product, and cheap.

From the technical point of view, those responsible for the project consider the machine manufacture in aluminium, with small parts that are key to steel. Once a prototype has been developed, it could manufacture in different sizes. It is also the possibility of selling the machine in a kit that the buyer could assemble for himself.



Remember the days of walking around the Mall, come across a photo booth machine and only having to get some photos taken? Everyone loves the photo booth. It’s fun, is easy, and you get images almost instantly to take home as a souvenir of your day. Well, now you can do that anywhere, not just at the Mall. In fact, people are renting photobooths for all events today!

You should hire a photo booth for your special party, it can make a great addition to all kinds of events, but especially in:

  • Company parties or picnics. Photo booth rental is an easy way to create a bit of fun at the party and give their employees the opportunity to take home a souvenir.
  • College or University meetings. Just think of all the fun that you can have in a meeting when you have a photo booth. The options that are there together to get pictures taken are endless.
  • Festivals and carnivals. There are so many things that go into a photo booth that only adds one layer of fun.
  • Weddings. Today, rent stand at weddings photos are almost a must. They give people a souvenir to take home and help create precious memories.
  • Fundraising. Either that his fundraising is a full marathon or special dinner party, which has a photo booth will help to animate things.
  • Conventions. Depending on the type of Convention, this can be a great way to get members and networks to relax and have a good time.
  • Openings. Companies that celebrate grand openings can add a little fun and style with a photo booth.
  • Family reunions. Having a photo booth rental at the meeting is a simple way to make sure that the images are captured and everyone gets in front of the camera, rather than assign someone to take photos throughout the day.
  • Birthday parties. It is especially fun to have a photo booth at birthday parties of the special milestone, such as turning 16, 21 or 50.
  • Community events. There are many different types of community events, where a photo booth can help make it more fun and create memories. This is especially true during the holidays.

Photobooths today are more advanced that used to be in shopping malls, too. They provide an almost immediate access to high resolution images that people can take home with them. There is also the option of personalizing information on pictures, such as adding the name, date, and what was the event.

Zoom photo jobs has provided photos rental booth for a wide variety of events and activities. They rented their photobooths, both in the United States and in Canada. In the U.S.. that it serves cities such as Detroit, New York City, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. During your holidays in Canada of the photo booth are available in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary, among other areas.


Casa de lujo con Piscina

Are you looking for a luxurious life? At Mauritius villas, you’ll find some of the most elegant villas in the world, available for rent. Dealing directly with the owner, you get unimaginable prices to stay in luxury.

When life seems to be just work and there is no fun, we need to pamper us, and there is no better way of doing that give you a holiday with all the comforts. Rent a luxury for a special celebration or a family holiday home, will allow you to enjoy a true star at an unbeatable price. Through the owner, you can hire a wide range of extras, from chefs to local guides for the practice of hiking or skiing, allowing you to create tailor-made luxury getaway and make the experience even more special and cheaper.

Casas de Lujo en Dubai
The rental of luxury homes has no equal, and when you go to the swimming pool, sauna, gym or spa private you will feel as a member of royalty. Relax with a drink in your own pool contemplating the ocean or relieve muscles fatigued in your private spa is a truly unforgettable experience.

Soundproofing with glass for big buildings in London

In this post in particular will discuss soundproofing of glass, it is used more everyday and different materials. Today we can find certain products that are very important for what means the construction of a property or housing, but must also be said that there are methods that protect them and they also have their level of importance. In the particular case of glasses, for example, is well known that they are usually located in the windows, elements that are important for different reasons, since using them enter the light of the sun into our homes, are which allow the passage of air among other options, but one of the issues most important to have sales and that clearly regards the acoustics is that glass is an element that allows that various noises are heard with more intensity.

Returning to the theme that is incumbent upon us, we must say that there are many areas where this method can be applied within the construction industry. One of the properties where you tend to make a soundproofing with glass are those buildings which are fully tiled in glass, in London it is possible to find them since they represent an impressive aesthetic buildings and are more than sought by many companies who decide to settle in all cities. At a glance, we can understand that when they are covered completely in glass, this material must undergo a special procedure so the acoustics so much as noises coming from outside do not feel too often as this will cause the working life almost impossible. When we speak of more common properties, so to speak, we can say that there are sectors where they tend to use both doors and windows made entirely in glass. When this happens, so that we have explained above, is needed treatment as it is the case of the soundproof by Seconday Glazing pilkington glass in london. Another important element in which tend to apply soundproofing with glass, has to do with the windows of cars and other means of transport.

insonorizacion con vidrio

For these reasons, the idea of this article is to talk about the sound-proofing of glass and the features that it offers, by what you have said is a very accomplished procedure, more than anything in those properties where the glass is much of the same. A process of soundproofing with glass can be performed in different places and does not always have to do with the construction industry, although we must say that it is one of the sectors where more is done. To begin with, the construction industry has grown significantly with the passage of time, but apart from the different crises that have struck many countries of America. He is said that investment in buildings almost always becomes safe, more than anything when it comes to apartments or homes.

As we have seen, the importance of these treatments is the prices that are paid by the same large, therefore so are. In the case of cars and other means of transport, it is obvious that the price for this treatment is already included in the final price, but in the event that you decide to make a soundproof glass elsewhere, we must also say that it is very costly methods but that no doubt is very efficient. There are cases where glasses are already purchased from factory with the accomplished process. This is done when it was decided to apply the same in windows or doors, to such an extent that only enough to place and to enjoy the benefits of these types of crystals. There is nothing more to comment to highlight the advantages that have these methods more than the prices that have that at times becomes expensive. This is why soundproofing with glass is so important in the modern market.insonorizacion con cristales

It happens that in these cases noise coming both from the engine as other factors such as wind and other consequences, would generate some irritation and would make a journey rather annoying if they were not subjected to such treatment. The same goes for the rest of the materials as it is the case of veneer of the means of transport, require it if or whether to make a trip more enjoyable and have to say that these treatments are already made from manufactures. A process ofsoundproofing with glass may be performed by several persons, in general these procedures depend on the type of product that we are because, if we are talking about the case of means of transport, we must say that each company has its own means for this activity. In terms of personnel, it is people intended exclusively for this service.

Life insurance for seniors

Source: Mississauga, ON life insurance

Life insurance is closely related to the age of the policyholder, the greater the person, more expensive will be the policy since the insurer must run a larger risk to provide you certain guarantees. That life for young insurance are less expensive than the insurance of life for over 70 years.

Sure in the elderly: A mission impossible?

Basically, life insurance are designed so that the person can safeguard economic stability of his family in case of death or suffer an illness that prevents you to work. The most common are life insurance for young people, since these are people who are forming a new family and have children under their responsibility.

It is assumed that retirees no longer have anyone in charge and that they receive a pension that enables them to meet their basic needs. If we add to this the risk of degenerative diseases is high, then we can understand why it is difficult to find life insurance for over 70 years.

In fact, many insurance companies performed life insurance until age 65. I.e., they do not accept new policies of people who exceed this age. Other companies provide for a contract in which life insurance is automatically cancelled when you arrive at the age of 65. That is why it is so important to read the small print of the policy.

All is not lost

Although most insurers do not make it life for retirees, some Yes insurance. Obviously, the person must undergo a series of medical examinations in order to establish the real risk to which the insurer faces and, if it considers that it is not excessive, can sign the contract. As premiums tend to be very high, however, it would be appropriate to examine whether really worth subscribe this type of insurance when it is already 55 to 80 years.

In reality, there are other options much more interesting, as life insurance for people over age 50 in the form of a life annuity. I.e. premiums that have been paying recover as a regular income that will complement the pension. It’s a policy that provides some economic stability to the elderly, especially if you have paid premiums for 15 or 20 years.

Another alternative that is particularly suitable for persons aged 55 to 80 years are dependency insurance.They aren’t sure of life itself but provide for the reduction of personal autonomy, either because of age, an accident or a disease. In these cases, the insurance covers the costs involving the unit.

How can cosmetic dentist help your smile

Aesthetic Dental or cosmetic dentistry is based on giving extra beauty to teeth. A good cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic Dental plan allows you to correct those minor flaws quickly and without injuries, so you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in a very short time.

Mujer sonriendo estética dental


Cosmetic dentistry is a very useful tool to solve problems both inherited as acquired in time. Cosmetic dentistry procedures is possible to replace missing teeth, repair fractured teeth, align and been smile, stains and in general to improve the appearance of teeth.

Estetica dental Hombre sonriendo

Dr. Rhonda Nasser, Palm Beach Dentist with extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, has the knowledge, skills, and technical team to achieve smiles that last a lifetime.

Some of the reasons for RESORTING to the Aesthetics DENTAL

Sonrisa dental

  • To create white smiles, uniforms and aesthetics.
  • To correct teeth chopped or broken.
  • To correct misalignment smiles .
  • For cases of severely discolored or stained teeth.
  • To correct alterations in size, very small or very large teeth.
  • To close unwanted spaces.


Your smile is your most personal attribute and a reflection of your warmth and personality. Therefore, in Clínica Dental DentArt we put all our effort to help you.

The cosmetic dentistry allows us to correct the imperfections of your smile to make you the most and make you feel confident and happy smiling.

Through procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental recontorneo and adhesive resins can achieve spectacular smiles.

Tooth whitening is a procedure that allows you to remove stains from your teeth and achieve a whiter smile. At DentArt we offer various types of whitening according to the needs and comfort of our patients.

Mujer dientes Blancos

For minor cosmetic problems adhesive resins are an ideal procedure. To these is possible through cover your teeth with special materials that change the key of the teeth, smooth surfaces, correct imperfections and close spaces.

Abuelos sonriendo

For patients who have irregular or broken teeth, porcelain veneers are an excellent choice. These super thincosmetic sheets, made with the highest standards can literally change your smile in less than a week. This procedure is simple and convenient and much less invasive than techniques of the past.

Mujer Sonriendo Carillas de Porcelana

Bankruptcy in Arizona

Like most States, Arizona has written laws to guide its residents during the process of filing for bankruptcy. Financial assistance is a decision that cannot be taken lightly, and the process for obtaining such assistance can be complicated, confusing and frustrating.

Options for filing for bankruptcy

Persons wishing to file for Bankruptcy in Arizona, AZ can do it in different ways, but there are two that are the most common. In accordance with Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the liquidation of assets. The person requesting filing for bankruptcy provides a list of all your assets and debts, and the bankruptcy court determines it to be sold to pay creditors. Once you have covered the debts, is given to the person who declared bankruptcy the opportunity to begin again, no outstanding debts.

In accordance with Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves the restructuring of debt. The person requesting it must develop and submit a payment plan to the bankruptcy court. The plan describes the way in which the person plans to repay its debts over a period of three to five years. If the court approves the plan, the bankruptcy trustee charged payments on the specified dates, and the person still covering payments from the plan until all debts are paid in full. At the end of the payment period, cancels any outstanding debt and the person has the opportunity to start from scratch in financial terms.

The choice between both options will depend on the purpose of the person requesting to file for bankruptcy.On the one hand, if that person wants to retain a portion of their assets (such as your home and your car) and pay them to the creditors, but need help to organize the process, request to file for bankruptcy in accordance with Chapter 13 is the best choice. On the other hand, if you simply want to stop paying and get rid of the debt, so in accordance with Chapter 7 will be it.

Application for a declaration in bankruptcy process

The first thing you should do a person wishing to file for bankruptcy is to gather all your bills. It is also advisable to obtain a copy of your credit history. This document will list all known creditors of the person, as well as your finances with respect to each of them. Who intends to file for bankruptcy should also compile a list of all personal property that make up its heritage, from the most valuable to those of lower value: everything from your home to your shoes, must be included in the list of goods. These two lists will be used to determine the type of bankruptcy that are prompted to declare, as well as the amount that will be paid if the person wishing to file for bankruptcy you want to do so in accordance with Chapter 13.

Once it determines the type of corresponding bankruptcy, the Court will organize a meeting of creditors. This represents an opportunity for the bankruptcy court raises to those who wish to file for bankruptcy questions about their financial situation, to review the payment plan where it’s a bankruptcy in accordance with Chapter 13 or to determine which assets will be liquidated if it’s a bankruptcy in accordance with Chapter 7. Creditors may attend and oppose to be placed in the Declaration of bankruptcy or request one payment greater than the one of other creditors.

After the meeting with the creditors, the Court will make a decision. In the case of a declaration of conformity with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if the court approves it, the specified assets will be sold to pay creditors. In the case of a declaration of bankruptcy in accordance with Chapter 13, if the court approves it, the person who requested it will begin to pay according to the plan. Once made all payments in accordance with the plan, the Court cancelled the debt.


Regardless of the type of corresponding bankruptcy, the person who is declared bankrupt can retain some assets. These are exceptions and are not included in the liquidation in accordance with Chapter 7 or in the payment in accordance with Chapter 13 plan (in some cases, persons wishing to file for bankruptcy in accordance with Chapter 13 can opt to liquidate some assets to reduce the amount you must pay). In the State of Arizona, some possible exceptions are:

  • The main residence of the person
  • The main vehicle of the person
  • Personal property with a value of up to $4,000; If it is a married couple, the amount can be doubled up to $8,000
  • Personal goods without resale value, such as family portraits

The bankruptcy process is complicated and only the person who is carrying it out to forget the date that should make any procedure related to the process so that your chances of receiving financial assistance need be affected, which would be unfortunate. Know of a professional legal opinion can be useful, although it is not necessary to seek legal advice before requesting filing for bankruptcy. Additional guidance can speed up the process to get the financial assistance required in the person.

How many years must have children to use orthodontics

Ideally, the permanent teeth are straight and well aligned. However, some children have teeth that do not align correctly. In severe cases, this misalignment can cause problems to eat and talk. Orthodontics may be needed to realign teeth.


Devices are used to realign the teeth and jaws. Treatment with braces, or braces, can last from one to three years. Straight teeth help in the ability to speak, biting and chewing.

Time frame

The doctors from recommends that children who have sensitive teeth and alignment problems are evaluated by an orthodontist at age 7. Treatment with braces can begin as early as 8 years. For best results, treatment should begin while the child is still growing.


The braces can be made of plastic, ceramic or metal. Some devices can be of different and some may be clear.


Braces may be required if the child has trouble chewing or biting. Other signs that a child may have problems associated with misaligned teeth or JAWS include breathing through the mouth, difficulty speaking, protruding teeth and grinding of teeth.


Children of any age who play sports should use a mouth guard to prevent injury while using the braces.


The Interview: the most controversial film of the year is also the most absurd

The Interview: la película más polémica del año es además la más absurda

It has put in check to one of the largest producers in the world, it has been the first large production premiered in cinemas and online simultaneously and has raised $ 1 million in one day. That is The Interview. But with everything, and after seeing it, it turns out that The Interview is an awesomely absurd film. You can find it always available on

And understand that call it “movie of the year” when 2014 has given us wonders as Interstellaror Guardians of the Galaxy is, the less complicated, but the question is that if we leave aside the usual parameters and focus in on the more than likely impact, The Interview has all the ballots to be, at a minimum, one of the films most important of the year.

The Interview: la película más polémica del año es además la más absurda

Technicalities aside, The Interview is not a bad movie, is not even a mediocre movie. It is an extraordinarily absurd film. The type of film that appear while the end credits leaves you with an empty interior and a couple of stupid flashes while you think: what I just saw?

It has great performances, great special effects, great dialogue, great scenes or a bright picture.At a time when even dies a Tiger by a capsule launched from a drone. It is a tape which, if it had not been because it has accidentally become a symbol of freedom of expression, would have gone completely and absolutely unnoticed. The Interview is, very likely, the more gigantic and stupid history.

The Interview: la película más polémica del año es además la más absurda

It is not even a caricature of Kim Jong – an. Moreover, for much of the film (and trailer) a friendly type is shown as a benevolent and friendly dictator who sings Katy Perry, plays basketball, give rides in tank and is, in general. I understand that someone victim of a fervent North Korean nationalism can see scenes and feel offended, but the reality is that, even in its most thorny moments, The Interview can qualify as politically correct.

The Interview: la película más polémica del año es además la más absurda

In fact, and being exhaustive, there are a couple of phrases with American self-criticism (mentioned that USA has more prisoners citizens per capita than North Korea, for example), the rest of the film is rocking between capsules stuffed rectum, lines of cocaine and a pair of tits here and there.

It is a film that will delight a few, they will hear many others and will entertain the vast majority.A blockbuster palomitero that brings a smile from time to time and, with luck, a casual laugh.Yet another sample of grotesque humor and simpleton (with merit) to James Franco and Seth Rogen have already shown in other films such as Neighbors, This is the End or The Pineapple Express.

The Interview: la película más polémica del año es además la más absurda

Are worth seeing ? The Interview ? The best way to answer that phrase probably change the title of the film by any of them which they mentioned above. If you saw This is the End in your day and you liked, The Interview repeats the move and also does quite well. But if not, it is likely that two hours of your time deserve something better.

The Interview: la película más polémica del año es además la más absurda

The average price of a used car is 12,219 euros

70% of the sales between private individuals is made with cars over ten years.

El precio medio de un vehículo de ocasión es de 12.219 euros

Do you want a second hand car ? On average will have to disburse more than 12,000 euros. According to data released yesterday of the sale and purchase of automobiles concessionnaire auto usagé portal, the average price of a used vehicle  in Franch in February climbed by 9.4% over the same month of 2014, to stand at the 12.219 euros. The vehicles also began the first month of this year with a spike, which was 8.5% in interannual rate

Affordable ranking top it Extremadura (9.474 euros), Cantabria (10.069) and the Balearic Islands (10.761). Tail inside the country Cup (13.581), Madrid (13.546) and La Rioja (12.989).

In this sector there is usually a difference from one study to another. Another survey conducted at the end of last year by the international platform of AutoScout24 reference the year 2014 indicated an average price for used vehicle 13.230 euros.

A market tour

Why they used car prices up? The growing demand for used cars is due to renewed interest from private individuals, as well as the lack of stock of cars coming from fleets (between three and five years), which in recent years have been involved in the extension of many contracts for renting. As they are scarce, its price rises.

Ganvam, National Association of Motor vehicles, repair and spare parts depending on time between January and December 2014 tourism market grew 4.3% to a total of 1.684.708 units. In terms of business volume, it reached the last exercise 9.360 billion euros.

From 2012, this second hand car market continues to rise, but we are still below the levels of 2011. In general, for each new vehicle, only two used are sold. Therefore, there is still room to climb. For example, just think that in Portugal almost four cars are sold with a new one and in Italy, three.

Ancient age

The issue of the age of the vehicle is that wakes up more controversy. According to, at mileage cars of more than 100,000 km copan 46.5% of the market. Regarding the age of the vehicle, the yearly average stands at age 7 and a half. One more than respectable age.

In fact, figures that handle Ganvam indicate that in 2014 the 70.2% of sales between individuals occurred with vehicles more than 10 years old. Juan Antonio Sánchez Torres, President of Ganvam, “the second hand market continues to grow, but unfortunately makes it at the expense of older vehicles, when it really symptomatic of a mature market of opportunity would be to do it with vehicles of between three and eight years”.

Franch still has one of the oldest car parks in Europe. They are still used the car for commuting, but it is not renewed and the average age of vehicles in Franch is above the age of 11.

How to find an ideal job?

¿Qué es y cómo encontrar un empleo ideal?

The first step includes an in-depth evaluation to identify their career goal and devise a strategy.

Who has not imagined a perfect job that offers the opportunity to grow, generate a sense of belonging, wake up passion for what we do and allow to share with nice people that could learn and live similar values?

Someone once said that “this is a very romantic thought. At work they pay to be busy all day; no time for thinking about personal growth and not those around us. What really matters are the results so that the shareholder has greater profitability.”

While it is true that the primary mission of any collaborator is results and add value in their daily activities, this situation should not prevent you to achieve your goals, enjoy what makes and share with with whom it works.

Add attitude positive to the concept, and so will be closer which means that ‘ideal job’ for you. However, know exactly what the dream job and how to get it.

Some initial guidelines

You must first define what is your working position, i.e. what
It can bring to the labour market and why should choose you. The answer to these questions contain the set of skills, competencies, qualifications and experiences that you have to offer an employer. You can thus determine what can be done professionally.

A second component is the taste for such work, you enjoy it and perceives that it is rewarding to achieve results. This means that you will actually perform the functions.

And the third aspect, no less important, is to do it in an organization in which feel that he shares their values and not just to have near me jobs. The ideal is a company which can influence through its actions and that motivates you to contribute to corporate growth and their own professional development. In this way you will fit in that role.

You intertwine where three elements are your ideal job preferences. Review your work travel, and determine both factors that have motivated him and have given him satisfaction as those who do not please you, will be Add-ons to identify in which sector, type of company and positions can be more successful.

This assessment may seem simple, but not so much. Aspects
as the location of the office, routine, travel, salary and additional benefits,
status, values and organizational culture, management of people, contact with
customers, management style and a myriad of elements are important.

Identify what are the most important to you; order all those tangible and intangible factors, giving them a relative value and thus will have defined their ideal job preferences. This base will be key to set your goal.

Care to make the best possible assessment, and if appropriate, involve your family or people who know about it to fix this professional goal. Then carefully designing a strategy to fulfill the purpose, follow the steps planned and, soon perhaps in their ideal job.


“The history of accounting not possibly attack a financial problem currently teach, but if you can show how it has been empty remedying and possibly the counter, in solving the problem, ignores and which are capable of scrutinize; surely will add problems to which you want to study and this is definitely helping to expand the accounting actions “.










As is well known, Accounting and Bookkeeping in Sydney CBD
emerged as a need to preserve the record of transactions and the results of the business. In Colombia, the accounting history is divided into several stages ranging from pre-Columbian times to the present. A brief summary of the evolution of accounting in Colombia is presented.
In America during the pre-Columbian era dominated three relatively developed cultures. In Colombia especially the Chibcha culture whose trade was conducted through barter of goods, doing their accounting activity by recording your transactions with colors painted on their costumes.


With the arrival of the Spanish in American territory began in this region unprecedented economic activity. The conquerors obtained the crown multiple awards, which began the exploitation of not only resources  but also natural Aborigines. Thus, the Spanish managed to impose on these lands, besides their culture and mercantilist practices, its accounting practices. By knowing the consolidation of the conquest  American, in 1522, Charles V, by royal decree appointing Rodrigo de Albornoz as actual counter these lands, and provides you with accreditation very precise instructions on the registration of commercial operations.


Later, in 1591, King Philip II ordered Ilevar accounting kingdom twice, thus highlighting the Italian influence on the Spanish accounting. The colonists settled in American territory a number of institutions of  character  socio-economic order to exploit the aboriginal, as in the case of the parcel.



Durnte the Colony, the Church was undoubtedly the most powerful institution in the New Kingdom; appropriated large territories both rural and urban, to change the method of force  used by settlers, for education and evangelization.
The greatest contribution to the development of accounting in America was provided by the c ommunity religious of the Society of Jesus, which was first introduced in these lands ledgers, the concept  of inventories , the notion of budgets  and other elements developed in Europe at the time. The accounting was not exercised as a liberal profession, but by clerics as part of its administrative activities in religious communities.
In Colombia, after independence ,  they continued using long  the tea techniques  accounting brought by the Spaniards, according to the ordinances of Bilbao.
Finally at the present time, according to the Commercial Code of 1887 to all dealers are required to take at least four ledgers: Journal, Staff, Inventory and Balances, with the tracer book of letters ; in the years following the rules and procedures for handling these books are set. Earlier this century as a result of the development of commercial, financial and industrial activity in the country, was regulated, tax inspection and some tax rules were enacted to encourage investment  private.
Over the years some laws were enacted  additional aimed at regulating the accounting profession.


University of Colombia: Modular system for managing soil information supported by a database of geographic

This research aimed to design a modular system for the management of soil information supported by a geographic database to detailed scale, which provides significant improvements in the administration and handling of information from soil surveys; used as reference the accumulated experience of international and national organizations and entities. The main effort was concentrated on reviewing in detail their characteristics in order to establish the benefits and problems, which are modified at the stage of design and implementation of the proposed system, which will enable the standardization of processes to capture, handling, editing and generation of new products derived from soil information at various scales, facilitating consultation and interaction with other subsystems. The proposed scheme as a repository of information, a geographic database that integrates spatial and alphanumeric component. The methodology allows) integration tools Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) b) facilitates the creation of the database with geographic, alphanumeric elements, relationships and domain taking as reference the Field Manual for soil survey and land (IGAC, 2007) c) data entry system is standardized preventing the entry of free text. The system was validated with excel data entry form from detailed study of soils research center CI La Libertad CORPOICA (IGAC, 1973) at 1: 7.5000 and General Soil Study of Meta (IGAC, 2004) at 1: 100,000 . / Abstract: This research Aimed to design a modular system for the management of soil supported by a geographic information database at a detailed scale, Which Provides significant Improvements in the management and handling of information from soil surveys, used as the reference experience of International Organizations and national Entities. The major effort was reviewing in detail Concentrated on características STI STI in order to Establish benefits and problems, Which are modified in the process of designing and Implementing the Proposed system, Which will enable the standardization of the capture, management, publishing and generation of new products derived from soil information at various scales, Facilitating consultation and interaction with other vouchers subsystems. The Proposed system is an information repository database geographic That Integrates spatial and alphanumeric component. This metodología allowed a) integration with tools for Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) b) Facilitates the creation of the DATABASE WITH geographical features, alphanumeric, relationships and domains with Reference to the Field Manual for soil survey and land (IGAC, 2007) c ) the entry of data into a standardized system preventative the entry of free text. The system was Validated with Data from detailed study of soils of CI research center Freedom of CORPOICA (IGAC, 1973) at 1: 7.5000 and the overall study of soils in the department of Meta (IGAC, 2004) at 1: 100,000 scale. – See more at:

Technology in Industrial Mechanics in Colombia


Technology in Industrial Mechanics is the profession that adapts, transforms, maintains and manages mechanical systems, machines and equipment such as bac dan in industry.

Mechanical Technologist, based on the working arrangements and operating systems, is able to build, applying his basic training and its basis in areas of processes in materials and processing thereof, technical standards of operation and construction drawing drawings, assembly and disassembly of parts and instrumental equipment operation.


The Industrial Mechanical Technologist graduate of the Autonomous University of Manizales will perform at:

  • The supervision of installation and maintenance in the metalworking, agribusiness, mining, textile, carbon chemistry and energy industry.
  • Planning for metallurgical processing operations.
  • The planning of manufacturing costs.
  • The warehouse management tools.
  • The area stock control and raw materials, quality control, metrology and finished products.

Twitter Statistics in Colombia

Twitter has been a social network that has established itself successfully in Colombia and whose impact is quite remarkable daily, just simply read the tweets of former President Uribe, or the mayor of Bogotá. In fact, some statistics Colombia located to the group of countries that have more registered users.

Unfortunately, twitter still does not reveal direct statistics on the number of registered users segmented by country. To get an idea of the number of accounts that exist in Colombia, it is necessary to refer to an external study. The company Semiocast conducted a study in which states are the countries with the highest amount of users on twitter (are source ).

The study analyzes data and twitter accounts until January 31, 2012.

Twitter by country

As you can see, the United States is the leading country in terms of the number of registered users, with about 107 million. It is followed by Brazil with 33.3 million and Japan with 29.9 million.

The study reveals Semiocast accurate data for all countries (unfortunately) but located in Colombia in 14th place worldwide as registered twitter users. However we can estimate that C olombia has approximately 5.2 million registered users on twitter (France, which is slightly below Colombia, has that amount of registered users.)

Ranking Twitter Users in Colombia

As already mentioned, twitter does not provide official statistics about your website. So this ranking may not include any consideration. The source for this data is

#   User Followers Following Tweets
1 Shakira ( shakira ) 15569732 59 1,334
2 Juanes ( juanes ) 4803815 1,574 4,486
3 Fonseca ( Fonseca ) 1506347 620 5,735
4 RCN News ( NoticiasRCN ) 1290181 300 45,261
5 Andres Lopez Forero ( lopezandres ) 1167848 48,499 6,552
6 Álvaro Uribe Vélez ( AlvaroUribeVel ) 1082598 326 8,728
7 News Caracol ( NoticiasCaracol ) 1047177 578 81,486
8 Juan Manuel Santos ( JuanManSantos ) 856.229 6,740 2,956
9 Guillermo Prieto L. ( PirryTv ) 755.499 259 5,778
10 TIME ( ELTIEMPO ) 574.826 21,684 86.220
11 Caracol Television ( CaracolTV ) 503.470 408 43,303
12 The Spectator ( elespectador ) 382.805 57,346 82.701
13 Semana ( RevistaSemana ) 381.775 378 35,412
14 Caracol Radio ( CaracolRadio ) 371.893 362 90.791
15 Humor Colombiano ( HumorColombiano ) 345.660 130 16,424
16 velvety ( aterciopelados ) 332.883 223 3,018
17 The Mega Bogotá ( LaMegaBogota ) 318.046 139 20,926
18 RCN La Radio ( rcnlaradio ) 301.067 165 102.208
19 Peter Manjarres ( PeterManjarres ) 300.277 278 6,935
20 ★ Dangond Silvestre ( SilvestreFDC ) 298.077 20 2,891

As can be seen, among accounts more Buy Twitter Followers  in Colombia stand singers and especially media (a possible trend on how we consume information Colombians).

Twitter Search Trends

The trend towards twitter traffic is constant, in fact it is hard to see that the website has experienced a significant drop in their level of visits. According to Google Trends – which is a free Google tool to estimate trends in traffic to any website – you can see how has been the growth of Twitter in Colombia.

Twitter on Google Trends

In Google Trends we can see which regions are most traffic sent to

  1. Capital District of Bogotá, Colombia
  2. Antioquia, Colombia
  3. Valle del Cauca, Colombia
  4. Atlántico, Colombia
  5. Santander, Colombia

Storm SEO latest algorithm changes

All that took a few years old by this we know that summer is the favorite time for Google to “destartalar” search results and make changes more powerful algorithm. The difference from previous years is that this time it seemed that the wind was blowing against the e-commerce and after a 2012/13 full of Pandas and Penguins could wait until fall without major movements .

Thunder SEO

After Penguin 4, the alarm went off on June 25 in Mozcast , measuring temperature changes as a weather app, and I was accompanied by a post in explaining the phenomenon, which came in some cases completely rewrite the Top10 . Then and foresaw “offensive” against Partial-match googleana domains (LDCs) , which also followed a warning by way of tweet from Matt Cutts, previéndonos of avecinarían changes from then until July 4.

We recently spoke of Exact Match Domain and practices not recommended by the search engine . In this case, for domains with the use of keywords in part (not entire domain is a keyword, eg passes exactly the same. not to have your site under a PMD’ve suffered a decline in positions, but will depend on the quality of your content and your “note” in other SEO factors .

Another issue to consider is when you own a domain but not punishable previously (even before being objective bans) had done 301 Redirect of EMD and / or the current PMD. Could Google analyze these cases in these domains and a negative impact to those who redirected? If I had to bet, and after some unexpected movement in some sites, would say yes.

Like a summer storm it were, you do not know when to arrive and when it ends, these temperature changes have occurred over the past 30 days, reaching its peak in those first 72 hours of 25J and topping the played with a new Panda update last week .

Although he has not had much movement as its predecessors, remember that he had gone to automatic and manual update, yes have noticed some new trends that we must pay attention: the positioning of images, increasing impressions and more permissive reconsiderations for quality sites, as well as exceptions to what is considered duplicate content .

Not forget that we still lack the cracking to online stores and looking at the preliminary, promising not to let most e-commerce indifferent. Anyway, if you want to checking how they have affected these updates to your site you can use SERPs Volatility Index andPanguin Barracuda Digital Tool .

Gold reaches maximum of six months and up to 15% in 2014

Seeking refuge amid tension between Russia and Ukraine keeps growing investor interest in gold 401k rollover. Your price hits six-month highs, on the verge of $ 1,400 an ounce.

Gold began 2014 as one of the least recommended by investment firms assets. But at this point it has become one of the most revalued. Since the beginning of the year its price has risen 15%.
Not surprisingly, strings its best weekly run since August 2011. Past Friday signed a sixth successive week higher. Today advances expand the edge of $ 1,390 an ounce, some levels not seen since last September.
The rise of geopolitical tension, and fears of an economic slowdown in China, are behind the recent escalation of gold. The overwhelming ‘yes’ in the referendum of Crimea and the official request for annexation to Russia Crimean Parliament tension between Russia and Ukraine.
The increases in the price of gold has caused a flight from bears. Short positions in the precious metal have dropped by 20%, until its lowest levels since last October.
Gold Advances have spread in recent weeks to other precious metals like silver. Your contribution far exceeds the $ 21.

Presented in Garaia noomad innovative bikes that will revolutionize urban mobility

The Garaia Innovation Park Mondragón has served as the backdrop for the presentation of the new company Bicycles Noomad. In the coming-media and guests at the event were able to enjoy the new bikes, born with the purpose of revolutionizing urban mobility.

Innovative, practical, comfortable, sustainable … so are the new bikes noomad for its main drivers.Bicycles Noomad SL ., founded in May 2011 and located in the Garaia Innovation Park Mondragón, the social aims completion of the initial design, innovation and development of all types of sporting goods for outdoor use as well as manufacturing and distribution.

Presentation Bikes Noomad

Entrepreneurial project

The coming-out of the company and its product is produced today with numerous guests and media.Professionals, entrepreneurs and people cycling ex-cyclists have attended and Noomad Garaia for your new product.

noomad with baby carriage

Noomad promoters are people with experience in the world of entrepreneurship and business management, people who feel a passion for the development of innovative products in the world of sports, especially sports, urban leisure and cycling, providing all his talent in developing new proposals that surprise an increasingly demanding and concerned for her welfare groups. enterprise concept Noomad Bicycles is simple: adding value to the user through the innovation of products resulting from the application of knowledge, creativity and talent. In the current situation and the challenge of a world in constant evolution, Noomad wanted position to propose and provide confidence in the system. The fact of the creation of a new company is a joy in the current crisis.Investment 500,000 USDAntonio Guerra, creator and promoter.

noomad tandem

Nine months after its constitution and with an investment of € 500,000, best fixed gear bike  makes its first value proposition in the segment of urban mobility, with a firm purpose: to attack European markets, mainly in northern Europe, not limited to nearby markets.

The 6 best 3D animation programs

Comparison of the best applications for 3D modeling and animation market in 2013

6.  501 Mode

Mode is an ideal mobile application marketing for artists and designers, to reduce the difference between CGI and real-life Edinburgh wedding photographer photos generated. It is perfect for users with technical knowledge, but also it can help you create animations without having to know any code, but requires some time and practice to master. 501 Mode also offers the advantage of being the cheapest of our comparative program ($ 995.00).

modo 501


5. Houdini

Houdini is famous for its high-quality graphics. Provides advanced modeling, texturing, rigging and animation of 3D models. You can create entire worlds of 3D content, or you can merge 3D creations with real-world images. It is often included in major film projects that require contributions from multiple applications as it is an ideal way to synthesize the content produced by other programs tool. Houdini is also very flexible, allowing you to create almost anything you can imagine, particularly remarkable in creating clouds and gases. From $ 1,995.00

houdini 3d software animation

4. CINEMA 4D 13

MAXON CINEMA 4D  is more accessible than other software alternative because it is more simple to use and the price is cheaper. This program is easier to learn than most competitors, but still have the features required for professional use. The great set of tools and accessibility make it particularly relevant for graphic artists who are less familiar with traditional 3D tools. From $ 1610.25


3.  AutoDesk Softimage 2014

Autodesk Softimage is ideal for professional use in television, film and video game development. The unique features and tools make it a worthy addition to any animation studio. Autodesk Softimage was king of 3D animation software for a long time, although its popularity has fallen slightly and its competitors have won positions, remains one of the best options available to modelers and animators. This software is perfect for television, which requires the production of content quickly and with less budget films. From $ 3,145.00

AutoDesk Softimage 2014


2. Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animations is one of the best options available today in the market. It is particularly suitable for the creation of video games, but also works well with movies, has many functions and offers many extra plugins. It costs about $ 3,675.00

Autodesk 3ds Max software animacion 3D

1. Appsgoneviral

The best 3D animation program is our comparative Appsgoneviral , has more features for modeling, coloring and animation than any other software package in the market. This software simulates more materials than any competitor, including liquid, cloth, leather, skin, hair and muscle. Stresses in creating content for movies, but also works great for television and game development. The only downside is that it is more complicated to use than others and require more effort and time to master it, it is also quite expensive (3,675.00).

Autodesk Maya 2014 3D animation program better


Best free modeling software and 3D design

New ways to lose weight

Turn your weight loss plan and get healthy, get fit, feel better, best; thrive.

The main reason to worry about your weight is obesity or overweight facilitates diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In addition, weight loss leads to happy with a better image than to improve your lifenot only live but thrive. The best diet is not a diet but a healthy lifestyle.

Simply put, a healthy lifestyle means eating nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish, nuts, low fat dairy products, red wine and olive oil; and shape cutting red meat and dairy products that contain unhealthy saturated fat. Then of course, one should exercise almost every day, doing a combination of aerobics, strength training and stretching.

Research says eating low-density foods to lose weight

Experts have recently perfected the techniques of weight loss based on research, and a focus includes a way to take care of your weight and eat more food. Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., promotes low density food that contains a lot of water and is rich in fiber. His plan (the Plan volumetrics eating) fills one with less calories so do not feel hungry. This professor of Nutritional Sciences had turned 10 years of research into practical guidance.

Research reports monounsaturated fat helps you lose weight

Another tactic research advocates eating fat to lose weight around the middle. Belly fat, visceral kind that weaves around the internal organs, can be especially problematic, possibly leading to diabetes and heart problems. A small Spanish study, reported in the July 2007 edition of Diabetes Care, has found that increased consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids, found in avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, chocolate and black olive oil, accelerates losing inches in the central area. (The flat belly diet embodies this research).

Research focuses on protein, water and alcohol to lose weight

As reported in the February 2003 issue of the Journal of Nutrition, researcher Donald Layman, a professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, has been found to increase the amount of protein in foods focuses on maintaining muscle mass while losing weight. Strong muscles are needed to burn calories from fat. Healthy protein is fish, chicken, low-fat dairy products, eggs, legumes, tofu and Best Bodybuilding Practices .

Michael Boschmann, MD, a German researcher, advocate drinking eight glasses of water a day, especially before meals. He believes that the body’s efforts on heating and water absorbing calories consumed and drink before meals makes you feel full.

Keep your drinking in a moderate range to decrease your chances of obesity, according to an analysis of the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Researchers at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center found that moderate drinkers, drink one or two a day were 54% and 41% less likely, respectively, to be obese than those who were drinkers, defined as those who drank four or more beverages per day or were binge drinkers.

Research suggests that getting enough sleep to lose weight

In the edition of 7 December 2006 Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers from the University of Chicago, in a small study, young people who had slept only four hours for two nights increased a hormone of hunger had called ghrelin and decreased satiety hormone called leptin.

In addition, volunteers hunger craved sugary, fatty foods. Over the past 45 years, researchers have noted a correlation between lack of sleep and heavy people. Most experts recommend seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

Tips Weight Loss: It’s all about balance

In addition to common sense approaches to weight loss and healthy nutrition and exercise research weight loss is finding that eating low-density foods, enough protein and monounsaturated fat (replacing saturated fats) may contribute to strategies for weight loss . Getting a balanced amount of water, alcohol and sleep is also a course in weight loss action.

This article is for educational purposes only; consult your heath care doctor for medical advice.